World Book Day

World Book Day in London

06 Mar World Book Day

This coming Thursday the 7th March is World Book Day and to celebrate, we thought why not invite the parents in to give their own story time, just to shake things up a little? Parents were asked to consider dressing up as the characters of their child’s favourite story character and, it has to be said, with rather limited results given that they were all off to work straight after our story time! Unsure if the executives of the city would understand if the Hairy Caterpillar turned up to work….BUT the parents did come in to give story time to all the children, who themselves came in costume. Here are some of the results and photos….

And it’s really important that reading is maintained in the home. Interactive storytelling – in which an adult can read to the child out loud and encourage the child to read back to them – encourages confidence, performance, communicative abilities and linguistic development. The National Literacy Trust’s own research points to the fact that it makes children happier as well so every reason to do it. And yet, according to the Nielsens Book Research Annual survey, showed that only 32% of adults read to children under 13 now…an ever decreasing rate. Let’s stop this now shall we?
The Times Educational Supplement gave our teachers food for thought on the last minute costume purchase front. Should any of you parents be that way inclined and you want to add a little sparkle to your baby’s day, why not have a look yourself? There are some wonderful costumes available at Lidl, according to the Mirror, and all affordable, so cost cannot be the issue! Go on, be brave! Make your kid’s day!

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