Join us in song!

Can you recall the nursery rhymes you learnt as a child? Chances are you can still at least hum along to their tune or sing a word or two.

Music and nursery rhymes are a crucial part of language learning for children, as lyrics introduce vocabulary and ensure that children become accustomed to pronunciation and word order, whilst the catchy rhythm and repetition of lyrics is a great tool for memorisation. 


Our book includes over 30 songs, here are a few of our favourites:

  • Wheels on the Bus 公车上的轮子
  • Old MacDonald王老先生
  • Five Little Ducks 五只鸭子
  • It's Raining, It's Pouring 下雨了,下大雨了
  • The Cow Jumped Over the Moon 奶牛跳上了月亮
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"Our son has been attending Hatching Dragons in Westminster. We are delighted with his progress. We are an English speaking household, and within three weeks of attending, our son responded to Mandarin instructions and words! He started at eight months, so it was incredible how well the immersion technique worked. The staff are loving and supportive. It’s like dropping him off to his second family home."

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