Our Online Preschool brings the best of our bilingual programme for 3 to 5 year olds delivered to your home. Flexible, structured learning to develop your child's academic skills in English & Mandarin. All at a fraction of our regular preschool fees. Watch our sessions any time, anywhere, or be part of our Live Learning!

Prepare your Child for School

  • Phonics Session l 自然拼音

    Your child will develop their spelling skills & learn to read using actions that help with memory and imagination and phonic challenges.

  • Story Time l 故事时间

    Each story will help your child develop their understanding of the world and their own personal, social and emotional development.

  • Maths Session l 数学

    Introduce your child to different mathematical concepts through number challenges, positional language, measurement and shapes.

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Meet our Expert Tutors


Li Jing

"Qualified PGCE teacher from UCL, MA in Music and over 12 years of music and Early Years teaching experience. Li Jing is responsible for our Mandarin educational services, bilingual teacher training and the Online Preschool programme."


Sophie Marchant

"Qualified PGCE teacher from UCL with over 11 years of Early Years teaching experience. Sophie is responsible for developing curriculum, teaching materials and lesson plans. She also leads the preschool room in our Westminster campus."


What Parents Say

"The sessions really support my child on learning through play and to build his confidence. I think the designed activities are fun for parents and children and the home learning materials are great for bonding through play. Furthermore, the teachers are very encouraging, engaging, friendly and organised".

Pav K.

"These days, my child has made a surprising improvement in English. I want to share with you: Yesterday at breakfast, I reviewed the story of last week’s Story Time with her. After that, she started to tell me a story. Although she used to have good English comprehension skills, it was the first time she took the initiative to describe what she had done in English to me! Thank you so much for your efforts!".


"My child was very excited when he got the chance to get asked by the teachers. He learns something new every day in the two languages he speaks.The designed activities aregreat and diversified and the home learning materials are useful guidance for parents to help the kid to revise".

Xiaojian H.

Ali N.

"Both teachers -English and Mandarin- are very expressive with their hands and face gestures, and they really animate the children! They are stars. My son is 3 and he is enjoying the sessions. It feels age appropriate, also he knows the songs and that makes it exciting for him".

"My son enjoyed his sessions so much that he attended a few days of childcare at the lovely Hatching Dragons City Branch and met a lot of the nice teachers".

Daniel L.

"My kid is reading of letters and simple words and his counting have really come on - so thank you both for your work! It's been lovely to watch the progress, even just with 30 mins a day".

Nicki C.

"Good sessions and friendly teachers. My child enjoys singing, dancing and all the activities. During the sessions he was happy and engaged".

Xiao T.