Finding a great nanny was never so easy!

Looking for a nanny can be very stressful. How do know if someone is good enough to look after your children and be part your family?

Under the best circumstances, finding to a new nanny takes time, not to mention painful compromises and the hard work of building trust. But we are here to help you with this complicated task! Keep reading and learn more about how we can find you a nanny in London


Our Nannying Services

These are some of the services we provide in order to help you find the best nannies in London.


Safer Recruitment


Placement Promotion




Interviewing Process


Employment Contracts




Holiday Replacements


Why choose us

Forget about the endless search for a good nanny. This is how we guarantee that you will get the best childcare at home:

  • 1. We have one of the most robust safer recruitment procedures in childcare, in line with Ofsted’s requirements.
  • 2. All our nannies are Qualified in Childcare to ensure that your little one obtains the best of Early Years education at home.
  • 3. We can arrange a paediatric first aid course for your preferred candidate before the start date, if possible.
  • 4. We give parents access to digital diaries and accident forms to keep track of their children activities and wellbeing.
  • 5. Our nannies can use all our learning materials and Online Lessons .

How does it work?

At Hatching Dragons, we employ the nannies so you don't have to. You just have to follow these steps:


1. Fill the Registration Form to let us know what you're looking for in a nanny.

2. Get some profiles that match with what you are looking for and select your preferred ones.

3. Have a Skype interview with the candidates to understand more about their backgrounds.

4. Once you have found your nanny, we will help you out with the contract and work insurance.

5. Welcome your nanny at home. You will have access to some systems where she will keep track of the development of your child!