Oxford University visit Hatching Dragons to speak about bilingualism

Oxford university discuss bilingualism at nursery Hatching Dragons

26 Feb Oxford University visit Hatching Dragons to speak about bilingualism

We were super excited to receive the Deputy Director of Oxford University’s Department of Education, Professor Victoria Murphy, last Friday at our nursery school in the heart of the City of London. As one of the lead advocates for teaching children second languages from as early an age as possible, Professor Murphy is  a firm believer in the cognitive advantages that bilingualism can provide children, particularly metalinguistic capability or awareness.

As many of you will know, this is a subject that is particularly close to our hearts. We wrote on the importance of bilingualism in 2014 in that it actually enhances your child’s ability to pick up any language, which was the very reason (or one of the many reasons) for why Hatching Dragons came into being – out of a belief that children can and should expect more from their early years. Thankfully, we’re seeing more and more research to support this argument – that children actually can and should learn languages as early as possible, and more coverage of the subject online and in print.

We’re hoping that this first meeting will be the first of many, as more and more of our graduate level staff team are enrolled from some of the best educational institutes in the country. With the recent appointment of a further three staffers to the City nursery from UCL’s Institute of Education and more and more PhD students requesting to undertake research into bilingual immersion applications in the early years, based on our models, we think the future’s looking interesting…

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