Meet our Family

The people that make the magic possible

The only way to make early years education great every day is with great people. Our family is made up of people who truly enjoy their job and are committed to innovate constantly so that our children get the best start in their lives. Plus, they are highly qualified in their respective areas of expertise.

Central Team

Cennydd John
Founder & CEO

Cenn is the CEO and Founder of Hatching Dragons, fluent in Mandarin himself, he is passionate about providing bilingual learning opportunities to young children to help them better prepare for the future. He studied Chinese at Edinburgh University, before working in China for several years.

Li Jing
 Head of Training and Educational Content

Li Jing is one of the musical talents of the nursery, often creating and performing her own original songs. As a Qualified PGCE teacher from UCL, with an MA in Music and over 12 years of Early Years teaching experience, she is responsible for our Mandarin educational services, bilingual teacher training and engaging Online Preschool programme.

Jorge Garcialera
 Head Chef

Born in the Basque Country, Jorge studied Hostelry and Tourism and had a business for school cafeterias, where he introduced ecologic meals, perfectly balanced for children’s nutrition.  He is passionate about nature and philosophy and finds a way to link it with his food. He loves cooking for children because they reflect pure originality and happiness.

Karla Pech
Head of Brand & Marketing

Karla has worked in digital marketing for over 7 years, with a focus on marketing language education. A keen writer and self-described logophile, she aspires to write her own series of children’s books. From Mexico, she has found many similarities between the Chinese culture and her own.

Rowen Strachan
Social Media and Content Marketing Executive

A graduate of Chinese at Edinburgh University, with experience living in both Tianjin and Shanghai, Rowen is passionate about all things Chinese culture. Now undertaking an MSc in Marketing, she is keen to share the joys of learning a second language. In her spare time, you can find her on a Judo mat.

Shanti Flynn
Head of Educational Operations

With over 25 years of experience in Early Years, Shanti brings her invaluable knowledge to support the high quality of care and education we deliver in our nurseries. Her aim is that all our children have the skills and knowledge to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Amira Quartsi
Operations Manager

Amira ensures that we all stay organised! She studied International Law, before joining the education sector to work in HR and operations, where she has over 7 years of experience. Bilingual in Arabic, she knows the joys of multilingualism. Originally from Morocco and Algeria, she was born and raised in the UK.


Sunita Bagri
Nursery Manager

Sunita is our energetic and enthusiastic Manager at Westminster. Talented at yoga, she shares her knowledge with the children, helping them to develop their balance. She has a CACHE Level 3 qualification in childcare, a Level 4 in child psychology and over 20 years of experience in Early Years. She is the designated safeguarding officer and SENCO.

Sadia Begum
Third in Charge

Sadia first became interested in childcare when helping take care of her younger nieces and nephews. Her favourite part of working in early years is that you can’t help but smile and laugh with children. She is Level 3 Qualified, a Designated Safeguarding Lead and Child Protection Officer. She is Paediatric First Aid trained and SEND Level 2.

Sabrina Ng
Deputy Room Leader

Sabrina is a master of music, with her talent for all things instrumental helping to create interesting and dynamic activities. She is educated in Early Childhood and Care, is level 3 qualified and trained in Safeguarding, FGM, Prevent Duty and Food and Hygiene. She loves helping children develop their language skills through songs!

Jui Jung
Nursery Assistant

Zoe’s favourite activities to do at the nursery are the festival-related ones, such as making sweet rice balls for the Chinese Lantern Festival. She is First Aid Essentials trained, with Level 2 Safeguarding, Level 2 Prevent Duty, FGM Level 2 and Fire Safety qualifications.

Diana Shen
Mandarin Art Teacher

Diana has a diverse range of hobbies which she loves to share with the children. From painting, singing, dancing and crafting, she has many specialities to offer. She is First Aid trained, with Level 2 Safeguarding, Prevent Duty, FGM and Fire Safety.

Janice Li
Deputy Room Leader

Janice brings her positivity to work every day, stating that the best part about working with children is that you can be a role model to them. With an MA in Early Years Education, she is Paediatric First Aid trained and Safeguarding Level 2 qualified. Her favourite nursery rhyme is Old McDonald!

Si Yin Zhou
Nursery Practitioner

Si Yin is enthusiastic for helping each child to be the very best that they can, with her patience and understanding helping our children to reach new heights. She has a Masters in Early Years Education, is level 7 qualified and trained in First Aid, Safeguarding, FGM and Prevent Duty.

City of London

Fei Chang
Nursery Manager

Fei is an engaging practitioner that holds both a Bachelor and Masters qualification in Early Years and Educational Leadership. What she loves the most about Hatching Dragons is the family feel and the different cultures we celebrate. She is the Designated Safeguarding Officer for City.

Samiksha Jain
Deputy Nursery Manager

Sami loves to share her interest in science with children, encouraging them to explore and discover new things. For example, throwing sugar into water and observing its taste later. She has an MA in International Child Studies, is Pediatric first aid and Fire Safety trained, and Level 2 Safeguarding qualified.

Iman Babi
Third in Charge

Passionate about Early Years, Iman has worked at Hatching Dragons for 5 years as she loves watching the children grow and learn new things every day, such as witnessing milestones. She is Level 3 Qualified, a Designated Safeguarding Lead, Paediatric First Aid and Fire Safety trained.

Sophie Marchant
Qualified Practitioner

Creative and innovative, Sophie is responsible for developing our curriculum, teaching materials and lesson plans. She is a qualified PGCE teacher from UCL with over 11 years of Early Years teaching experience. Her favourite nursery rhyme is “Wind the Bobbin Up!”.

Maduki Nanayakkara
Nursery Assistant

Maduki’s special talent is making every single activity exciting and captivating for children. She has an MA in Management in Health & Social Care and is trained in Early Childhood Development Education. She is Paediatric First Aid, Prevent Duty and FGM Level 2 qualified.

Yee Hang Low
Mandarin Practitioner

Yee Hang works in our baby room, helping even the smallest children in our nursery to achieve big things! He is Paediatric First Aid, Prevent Duty and FGM Level 2 qualified. He has a Safeguarding Level 2 qualification and is Enhanced DBS Verified. 

Christy To
Mandarin Practitioner

With a BA in Early Childhood Education, Christy brings her passion for teaching to work each morning, never failing to create inventive and engaging activities for our little Dragons. She has First Aid Essentials Level 2 training and is Safeguarding Level 2, Prevent Duty and FGM Level 2 qualified. She is also Enhanced DBS Verified.

Chunhua Chen
Mandarin Practitioner

Chunhua loves to share her knowledge of Chinese culture and language with our children, helping to develop their proficiency in Mandarin, as well as helping them to understand different traditions and customs. She has an MA in Education, is Paediatric First Aid trained, and Safeguarding Level 2, Prevent Duty and FGM Level 2 qualified.

Kiana Lau
Mandarin Practitioner

With a Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Kiana has a deep understanding of our curriculum and how to help children achieve their learning and developmental goals. She is First Aid Essentials Level 2 trained,  Safeguarding Level 2, Prevent Duty and  FGM Level 2 qualified and Enhanced DBS Verified. 

Canada Water

Caroline Tadros
Nursery Manager

Caroline is happiest when taking part in the children’s play and following their lead. Watching children reach their milestones is something that motivates her to carry on working hard. She is level 3 qualified, has been working in Early Years for 11 years.

Marta Luengo
Deputy Nursery Manager

Marta brings all of her experience to Canada Water, with a Degree in History and Heritage, and a level 3 qualification in Business and Management, and Challenging Behaviour. She is a big fan of Harry Potter and we know that she will bring her own magic to our nursery!

Riko Po
Qualified Chinese Practitioner

Riko thinks that children are our future and she puts all her energy and talent to help them grow and develop. She has a Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has trained in Paediatric First Aid and Level 2 Safeguarding.