Discover our amazing nursery in Westminster! – Here are our Ofsted results

08 May Discover our amazing nursery in Westminster! – Here are our Ofsted results

There are so many things to consider when looking for a good nursery! It really is not an easy task for parents, but fortunately, there are some indicators that some options are better than others. One of them is the Ofsted inspection report. Keep reading and find out more about it and the amazing results of our nursery in Westminster!

What is the Ofsted inspection report?

Ofsted is short for the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills in the UK. Their main task is to inspect any service that provides education or skills, no matter the age of the students. However, they also examine and regulate care providers for children and young people, in order to provide independent assessment and promote the improvement of schools.

After the evaluation, Ofsted publishes a report with the results and areas of improvement. Schools obtain an overall grade from 1 to 4, according to the assessment:

  • 1: Outstanding
  • 2: Good
  • 3: Satisfactory
  • 4: Inadequate.

We are really excited to announce that our nursery in Westminster obtained a great review after the inspection!

How can you know how good a nursery is?

Picking a good nursery is not a simple task, even with the help of the Ofsted report. These are some questions you should ask yourself when visiting a good childcare option.

1. Are the staff trained for the job?

Every child is unique. Look for a nursery with experienced staff that is also willing to learn and adapt to every child needs. Hatching Dragons offers exactly that. According to our Ofsted report:

“The well-qualified and experienced staff plan an exciting range of activities for children. […] Staff immerse children in a wealth of language from an early age. They teach babies to communicate using signs and build on their developing vocabulary as they play.”

At Westminster, we have staff who have achieved both Bachelors AND Masters degrees in Early Years Education, one from the world’s Number 1 Educational Institute, the Institute of Education. Furthermore, a concert pianist from the Royal College of Music for our amazing musical programme and all our staff are trained in safeguarding and paediatric first aid….so, qualified? We’d like to think so.

2. Are the children happy and do I want my child to grow there?

A good nursery should display an active, inspirational and engaging environment that has happy children proactively learning and playing in all areas. But so should the practitioners be role models for the kinds of behaviour and values that we want our children to hold dear as they mature throughout the setting. As Ofsted described our nursery in Westminster:

They help babies and young children to develop friendships and to play happily together. […] The close bonds and professional affection shown to children ensures a warmth that helps children thrive.”

3. Is the leadership and management engaged?

So often, a nursery is left without the support, advice and encouragement of a central team. Nurseries are hard, challenging environments to run and the manager should be focussed on getting the best out of their staff team to ensure the children only receive the best quality in terms of care and education. As Ofsted states in their report about our Westminster nursery:

“The leadership and management team is strong. The provider meets regularly with the manager to review practice to identify enhancements to benefit children […] and the area manager and manager provide good support for staff to ensure that they are skilled and well-trained practitioners.”

4. What kind of activities do the children do?

Hatching Dragons is not just a place where your children can feel safe and you can feel rest assured that they are safe. We don’t see ourselves just as childcarers, but more as teachers and educators – bringing the best in child led and adult initiated learning into a full day care provision. As Ofsted said:

“The well-qualified and experienced staff plan an exciting range of activities for children.”

Our educational model includes free, unfettered access to wonderful resource and materials for the children to pursue their own interests, nurtured and supported by our highly qualified staff team as they do. But it also incorporates adult-led focussed activities: from Numeracy to Phonics, Cooking to Chemistry, Literacy to Dance… we have a something for everyone.

5. What else can the nursery offer that I cannot offer at home?

But outside of an exciting and inspiring educational vision and curriculum, parents should be looking to nurseries to provide children with access to something more than they get at home.

We want to ensure that children are provided with the tools to prepare for a more interconnected and intercultural world. One where social skills like problem-solving, analytical and communicative abilities and self-confidence will override all else.

For us, that is about language learning: the knowledge that it brings and how it can teach us to be adaptive in ways that a monolingual upbringing just cannot. We chose Mandarin Chinese as a second language mainly because it represents almost 20% of the spoken word on this planet.

But can we do it? Well don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourselves and hear what Ofsted had to say:

Staff immerse children in a wealth of language from an early age […] they teach babies to communicate using signs and build on their developing vocabulary as they play […] children quickly grasp strong communication skills in both English and Mandarin and talk confidently to staff and their peers.”

Looking for a great nursery in Westminster?

At Hatching Dragons Westminster, we are specialists on dual language acquisition in early childhood. We are an amazing bilingual nursery and one of the few offering Mandarin tuition. Also, there’s nothing to worry about: your child’s English will be as good as their Mandarin!

Our nursery in Westminster was recently inspected by Ofsted and it was found to be just short of Outstanding. Have a look at the report and discover why we are an amazing option for your kid.

However, if you are ready to discover more about our exceptional education programme, book a visit to our nurseries. We are ready to tell you everything about the advantages of having your child in a bilingual nursery.

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