Nursery Chef Trial Day #2 – Ignacio

27 Feb Nursery Chef Trial Day #2 – Ignacio

So we’re into the second day of our chef trials and thankfully the last two guys ave been second to none.

First off, I think it’s important to note that we’ve interviewed 15 chefs and, frankly, we’re a little amazed at how many (13) had no idea about infant or nursery nutrition. For example:

Question: “If you were to start tomorrow, what do you think you would cook for the pre-school children?”

Chef X: “Chicken nuggets with chips and ketchup”

Us in Response: “But according to your CV you’ve worked in great restaurants, so what makes you think that this is a good meal for children?”

Answer: “Because that’s what children eat init.”

Hmmmmmm. So, it turns out that there is a serious gap in the understanding of even good chefs on what constitutes good nutrition for children in nursery. Adherents to the British Nutrition Foundation’s guidance on toddler food they ain’t.

And if the current Nursery food suppliers are anything to go by, we see this as an institutional problem. We’ve seen “veggie options” turn up as just 3 raw blocks of tofu. Nothing else. Just tofu. Clearly, we made something ourselves at that point but really? Raw tofu? And three blocks of it? Lordy, we really are scraping the barrels of fermented bean paste.

So, our chef trials have been a mixture of sore, raw, disappointingly poor examples of what could be provided to our children. Chicken twizzlers and ketchup thank you no. And trying to find a chef who can live up to the standards of our own educational ethos? We thought slim to none

But not Ignacio. He came on his motorbike, saw and conquered the surprise bag of goodies we’d had in store for him to whisk up into magical swirls of culinary excitement for the nursery children to satisfy their appetites with…and this is what he made:

What did he cook?

Roast Chicken with garlic, butternut squash, celeriac and sweet potato “mountains” with a green bean, cucumber and tomato salad.

the city of london nursery children enjoy a nutritious meal

And the children’s reaction? Well I gave them 4 choices. Really yummy, yummy, So-So and Not so good or 非常好吃,好吃,马马虎虎,不好吃 in Chinese….And the resounding response was. Really Yummy. Thank you Nursery Chef.

Well done Nursery Chef Ignacio. We don’t often have children eat three plates of food. Now that you and our other trial chef have delivered some of the goods we knew you would, we can see a future where plates will be clean, bellies will be full and nutrition fulfilled to the absolute extent of what it can be.

Here’s to more yum to come!

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