Holiday Camp Terms & Conditions

1. Context / Preamble

  1. Hatching Dragons offers holiday camp places to children who do not regularly attend our nurseries. 
  2. Hatching Dragons Holiday Camps are specially curated programmes of early years education for Chinese families who are travelling to the UK on holiday and / or who are looking for educational

2. Availability

  1. is subject to the availability of places at the individual nurseries within the Hatching Dragons portfolio
  2. Agents must communicate in advance with potential numbers of holiday camp families to ascertain availability at each location by liaising directly with the central office via the email:

3. Ages

  1. Hatching Dragons Holiday Camps offer care for children aged 6 months to 7 years old.

4. Booking & Registration

  1. Agents must confirm numbers 3 months in advance of the holiday camp start date
  2. Agents must submit a list of names in advance, using the Hatching Dragons Group Attendee schedule to Hatching Dragons via 
  3. Following confirmation of availability from the individual nursery, agents are responsible for registering each individual child, using the online registration form for the relevant nursery, ensuring full accuracy on the child’s medical, dietary and allergy needs.
  4. The agent warrants to assume all liability for the accuracy of this information and indemnifies Hatching Dragons from any inaccuracy submitted in the application process

5. Payments / Deposits

  1. As per the agency contract, clause 5.3
  2. All payments must be made via American Express, Mastercard or Visa

6. Settling In

  1. Holiday camp children require three, two hour settling in sessions in the nursery in advance of the official programmes of care starting, in line with Hatching Dragons policy on Settling In.
  2. Agents must ensure that parents adhere to this policy and attend settling in with their children either in person, or with a suitable representative who is familiar to the child who can assist with the child’s integration into the nursery setting.

7. Exclusivity

  1. Hatching Dragons manages multiple agency relationships in China.
  2. Holiday Camp bookings are taken on a first-come, first-served basis – no preference is given to any particular agent.

8. Required Statutory Documents

  1. Hatching Dragons will submit a letter of invitation on company headed paper to all registered families 
  2. Agents are responsible for collating and submitting to Hatching Dragons all statutory documentation regarding the client child’s care:
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Copies of the visas for both parents and child
    3. Full and accurate registration form

9. Included Elements

  1. All food, drink and activities are included in the holiday camp fee. Nappies, medication, wipes and changes of clothes must be provided by the family.

10. Superior Terms

  1. Holiday camp attendees and client are bound by the terms and conditions of service for all our clients as defined in the terms and conditions contract signed post-registration. 
  2. As an Ofsted Registered Early Years provider, we abide by the statutory requirements set out in the EYFS Statutory Framework, the Children’s Act and Childcare Act. 
  3. All operational policies and procedures of the underlying nurseries take precedence in regard to the safeguarding of children. 
  4. Agents are invited to review the policies and procedures of the individual nurseries in advance and as found on the nurseries’ respective web pages.

Management Procedure

Group Registration

  1. Group registrations will normally involve an agent acting as a single point of contact for all families. They have to submit a spreadsheet in advance of all prospective attendees so that management can assess the availability of space, outlining:
    1. Child’s name
    2. DOB
    3. Full name and contact details for families
    4. Length of the package (one week / two, full days or half)
    5. Visa and passport numbers for all applicants
  2. Li Jing / holiday camp managers have access to the EY Manager systems for each setting to assess occupancy opportunities to relay to such agents upon receipt of the attendee list and will liaise directly with nursery managers to secure agreement/confirmation that spare places can be taken up by attendees for the holiday camp on a group booking
  3. Once the agreement has been secured, Li Jing will direct the agents to the EY Manager registration form to manually register each individual child on the group booking, ensuring that they mark “Holiday Camp Package” on the registration form so that manager and LJ are aware
  4. Li Jing will then manually input the names and contact details in the SUMMER CAMP Sales & Enquiries Report of all prospective clients for billing
  5. Finance will then issue a registration invoice to the agents for the processing fee for each registration form (£50 / registration), which needs to be submitted and paid prior to the Service Level Agreement/contracts being issued to the agent
  6. After registration payment has been received, Li Jing / Finance will then issue the Service Level Agreement, which has to be filled in by each applicant family and signed by the respective primary carer
  7. Agents will then be responsible for submitting payment of 50% of the full programme value on behalf of the parents no less than 2 months in advance of the programme to secure places. Finance will invoice separately
  8. Once the deposit is secure, Li Jing will update EY manager to “on-board” all children into the children on the roll for the duration of the camp, ensuring that they are marked as departing at the end of their contracted time.
  9. One month prior to the commencement of the programme, the full balance of the fees needs to be paid in full as per our standard terms and conditions

Individual Registration

The procedure will be the same as new registration in nursery. Managers will be responsible for the arrangement with the individuals. A confirmation/welcome letter should be sent, Parent’s Welcome Pack is not needed in this case.