Policy: References for former employees

Our policy for providing factual references for former employees as part of safer recruitment for new childcare providers


To ensure that childcare providers receive factual information on our employees that can appropriately satisfy the requirements of the safer recruitment protocols set out in the EYFS


It is our policy to only provide factual references for former employees that state the employee's:

  • Full name
  • Current Job Title
  • Date of Commencement 
  • Start date of employment
  • Number of disciplinary cases outstanding on record
  • Number of safeguarding concerns / allegations made or disclosures submitted to authorities
  • Number of incidence of sickness in year
  • Number of incidence of lateness in year

It is not our policy to provide further detail beyond the statutory requirement in order to ensure that all employees are treated fairly, factually and objectively


All references must be forwarded on to humanresource@hatching-dragons.com for central administration to process