Recruitment: How do inform the applicant that they have been successful/unsuccessful

Successful Applicants 

What system do we use to generate Job Offers?

BambooHr is used to generate offer letters to successful applicants.


How do I do this?

  • Search for the applicant in BambooHR
  • On the right hand side under the candidate section select the drop down>Click Create Offer
  • On the right hand side enter the details of the offer, this include start date ,job title, employment status(hours), Compensation, pay frequency and who to contact.
  • Once the above feilds are entered check the offer letter to ensure the details are correct
  • Click Preview Offer  & Send, this will allow you to preview the offer one more time.
  • Click Send offer letter
  • Once the offer letter has been signed an email confirmation will be received. You will then start the safer recruitment checks.



How to generate a job offer on BambooHR


Unsuccessful Applicants at interview stage

How do I let an applicant know they have been unsuccessful?

  • Search for the applicant in BambooHR
  • Click on Emails
  • Use the email template drop down to find "Regret to inform-Interviewed)
  • Click Send 


How to inform applicant they are unsuccessful after interview