Quality Assurance - Room Evaluations

Here we go into more detail as to how managers can inspect, maintain and build on quality of practice across the schools through regular mentoring, assessments and guidance through our room evaluation procedures

Key points:

  • Managers need to spend a morning in each room every single week to review practice, nurture teams, assess problems and see the nursery's pain points so they can act on them in good time. Managers should look at the management routine on Google Calendar to see their recommended activities
  • Managers will find the Room Evaluation Forms in their Leadership & Management Folder>Room Evaluations on the school's team drive and have these ready and open during their weekly attendance at the rooms to take notes on progression from previous inspections. It is recommended to attach these Google Docs to any google calendar diary bookings you make for this purpose and share it with your team
  • Managers should use the targets from the School Development Plan as a guide for the strategic goals managers need to achieve each month - set these goals out for the room leaders to evidence that they have delivered in subsequent room inspections
  • Once complete, Room Evaluation forms need to be downloaded as PDFs and then reuploaded to the relevant folder on the Drive as proof of what was agreed during that inspection. It is useful to then attach that pdf to the next inspection booking in google calendar so that your team see / have access to what was discussed before
  • Ensure that you hold a room meeting with the room leader to communicate targets and your expectation that their weekly room meeting should focus on these goals. Update the Room Leaders' goals on BambooHR accordingly and monitor his / her progression towards them during your weekly visits