Job Description: Qualified Nursery Teacher (Level 3)

In this article, we review the job description of our qualified teachers - those who might not arrived at the position of deputy room leader but who are on track to join the management teams soon enough.


Key Information

Post Title

Qualified Nursery Teacher (L3)

Direct Report

Room Leader 

Indirect Report

Deputy Room Leader


Bank Staff / Assistants / Part Qualified Teachers (Level 2)


  1. 80% approval rating from Room Leader in Performance evaluation and Manager  Monthly / (Room Leader) Quarterly (manager) reviews (20% weighting)
  2. 80% approval rating from team - Quarterly Feedback Surveys (20% weighting)
  3. 80% pass rate on policy knowledge tests Weekly tests (20% weighting)
  4. 80% completion of training and development programmes assigned by R/L and Management Quarterly Reviews (20% weighting)
  5. 90% completion of observations & reports (learning & development) on key children to standards and all compliance paperwork  Monthly Reviews (20% weighting)
  6. 95% punctual attendance throughout year

Required Qualifications & Certificates

Essential: Relevant childcare qualification to level 3 or above; Up to date DBS; Pediatric first aid; Safeguarding training; Food Hygiene; SEND; Fire Safety; A positive approach to gaining further qualifications and training,


Key Worker - Being primary key worker to 8 children in the room, assuming responsibility for:

  • Digital daily diaries on EY Log
  • Registrations every day
  • Accident forms & Medical Forms
  • All medical information and allergy / dietary safeguarding
  • Formative & Summative assessment reports - one comprehensive observation that covers characteristics of efective learning and other frameworks in its assessment
  • Planning for each of your key children


  • All logs and administration files for your key children
  • Cleaning & Health and safety standards across the room
  • Intimate care routines
  • Food / bottles 
  • Outings management for children


  • Delivering on all policies and procedures within the school


  • Good organisational, record keeping and planning skills
  • Excellent communication skills, with children, colleagues, advisors and parents/carers
  • A good understanding of the EYFS
  • Good written and verbal skills for report writing, maintaining child records and providing feedback to parents/carers and colleagues
  • A positive approach to learning and gaining new skills through teamwork and training opportunities
  • The ability to model, motivate and support staff
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Basic IT skills
  • Able to plan and manage own and others workload 
  • Desired – Mandarin


  • Experience of caring for, or working with children aged 6 months to 5.
  • Good knowledge of Ofsted requirements for the provision of safe care to children aged 6 months to 5 years.
  • Knowledge of health & safety requirements for the environment in which children aged 6 months to 5 years are cared for
  • Experience of working in small team, supporting colleagues with peer on peer observations.
  • A commitment to the provision of high-quality childcare.
  • Being able to deliver a tough message in a fair way
  • Supporting nursery marketing events experience

Person Specification

  • Punctuality
  • Patience
  • Reliability and trustworthiness
  • A positive approach to inclusive practice with children, parents and colleagues
  • Enthusiasm for working with young children
  • Flexibility – occasionally working hours might be changed, e.g. if the the setting host marketing events


Hatching Dragons is committed to employing the most rigorous vetting procedures to ensure that its staff are the most qualified to care for its children. For full guidance, see our application form online (

Safer Recruitment 

Candidates will be expected to follow the following safer recruitment steps prior to appointment:

Registering Interest - submitting a response and cover letter to this advertTelephone screen - to provide principal assessment to your suitabilityApplication Form - completion of full application form with safer recruitment documentation online:Nannying application form: Nursery Application form: Referencing - referencing will be submitted for candidates who are processed through to interview & trial so that job offers can be expeditedInvitation to Formal Interview & Trial - Post review of submitted certificates and safer recruitment information you’ll be invited to a formal interview and trial at one of our schoolsDBS Application & Conditional Job offer - post interview provisional offers, conditional on clear DBS, will be madeContracting - issuance of final contracts for signingOnboarding Pack -induction and onboarding pack issued by HR Management System, Bamboo

Organisational Culture: Personality / Attitude and Approach

It is critical that we get the right mix of people with the right skills and expertise to deliver the quality we need but it all hinges on the team, culture and attitude we take to work and to each other to make it happen. As such, every staff member is invited to evaluate their Manager, Management Team, Themselves and at least two of their peers against the following principles, which we, as a company, believe reflect the values of the company - values that we are trying to teach our children so should be able to demonstrate ourselves

Respect & Courtesy - for the Company, colleagues and yourself in how you communicate / behave

Compassion & Understanding - of your needs and those of others in how you communicate / behave

Team Work, Support & Collaboration - helping others do what needs to get done

Proactive Positivity - being solutions oriented, not problems focussed 

Praise & Encouragement - congratulating peers on work and providing positive constructive feedback on where they can improve

Pragmatic Professionalism - Maintaining confidentiality, ensuring policy and applying restraint in how your communicate

Areas of Responsibility (for Evaluation)

The Qualified Practitioner has responsibility for a number of key children within a room, and to work as part of a room to deliver for all the children in the room and nursery.

Compliance 5%

    • Risk Assessments: To follow the room daily/weekly risk assessments as completed by the room leader.
    • Safeguarding: Ensure all policies & procedures are adhered to and maintained through regular monitoring / checks and evaluation in the room. Management will routinely (weekly) inspect the paperwork against these policies to ensure Nursery compliance.
Inspections: Co-operate with Ofsted and Internal inspections, ensuring the relevant compliance is suitably evidenced as required.Room Action Plan / Self Evaluation Plan: Ensure that the setting Action Plan is followed as shared by management. 

Marketing 1%

  • Events: Plan and prepare room activities to follow nursery event schedule, showcase the room by presenting the best practice on floor.
  • Data Collection: Ensure high quality and meaningful pictures/videos are captured each week and provided to Room Leader.

Teaching & Learning


    • Our Approach: Ensuring that our bilingual approach to EYFS pedagogy is delivered as per policy and procedure.
    • Key Children: To have 80% of the children in the room as key children between the qualified practitioners (subject to suitable room numbers).
    • Children's Observations, Assessments and Reports: Completing observations, assessments and reports for your key children.   Support your team members when colleagues are absent as required.
    • Weekly Planning: Suggest activities with appropriate resources to Room Leader, so you’re your children next steps are targeted.  Support with identifying, sourcing and procuring resources for the room.
    • Monthly Planning: Suggest activities with appropriate resources to Room Leader, so you’re your children next steps are targeted.  Support with identifying, sourcing and procuring resources for the room.
Best Practice: Document in full and evidence the outstanding activities for sharing.Achieving Excellence: Implementing peer on peer observationsRole Modelling – Active role modelling of good/outstanding practice on the floor.
  • Children Progress- Track and identify concerns with children in your room and suggest to management interventions.
  • Cohort Tracking: Implement interventions as required/agreed.
  • Mandarin Speaking: Direct/Support the Mandarin speaking team members to speak/sing/read and write in Mandarin on a continuous basis.

Staffing / Deployment

5% time

  • Interviewing: Provide verbal/written feedback to room leader on trial shift potential colleagues.
  • Deployment / Ratios: Report gaps in ratios to management as soon as you are aware.
  • Induction: Welcome new team members (whether permanent or temporary) into your room..
  • Communication: Attend staff team members within your room as required.
  • Staff Holidays: Request holidays from management.
  • Staff Sickness: Advise management of sickness.
  • Transition: To liaise with colleagues and parents to provide a smooth transition for children.
  • Other: To carry out any ad hoc projects or duties as requested by your Line Manager. 

Care - 40%

Sleep Checks: Complete the sleep check paperwork, ensuring it is completed to a high standard. Nappy changing / toilet accidents:  Follow the nappy changing rota.  Undertake nappy changing for your key children.  Undertake nappy changing as directed by your Room Leader for absent/toilet accidents.
  • Accident Reporting: Writing up the required documents for any accidents that occur within your room.  If significant accident, ensure you handover to parents with your Room Leader.
  • Medical: Ensure Room Leader takes medicine from parents for your key children.  Can administer medicine if key children want from you but needs to be supervised by Room Leader.
  • Outing Assessments: Make yourself aware of the outing risk assessment, and then ensure you follow it.
  • Cleaning - Tidy & Reset between activities: Team should undertake together cleaning of the room as a team effort, everyone doing it together.
  • Cleaning - Adhoc: Oversee and direct team members to undertake room cleaning as required.  Ensure the room is safe and tidy for children and staff.
  • Toy Cleaning: Undertake toy cleaning as per policies and procedures and directed by Room Leader.
  • Meals: Ensure children are being given the correct food and assist with the preparation and management of meal times.  Ensure the correct food is given to children.  
  • Food Clearing: Undertake in the food clearing within your room.
  • Nursery Intercoms: Ensure that via the intercom, that only parents and staff you know are let into the room.  Otherwise, advise management that someone is at the door.
  • Settle in/Transitions: Undertake the settle in and/or transition of children into your room which you are the key worker (or as directed by Room Leader)

Parents Relationship 8%

  • Parents Daily Handover: Ensure that your key worker children handover to parents is undertaken at the end of the day.  If significant instances occur, you should also ask Room Leader to attend handover.  
    • Information Sharing- Professionally handle information sharing with parents, we do not share hypothesis, unnecessary, unrealistic, false, confidential, or personal information. E.g. practitioners should not give private contact details to parents or share other children’s information.  Information should only be shared with management permission.
Complaints – Inform management of any parent complaints raised.  Cooperate with management in investigations of parent concerns/complaints.
    • Compliments - Ensure compliments are shared with management.  Ensure all compliments are shared with team members.
Parents termly feedback – Undertake termly parents update meeting.

External Comms - 1%

Regulators & Authorities - Being supportive and positive in Ofsted / Local Authority visits. Be prepared for the visits. Local Schools/Authority- To support network and advocate / promote Hatching Dragons in the local educational community where appropriate.