Procedure: How to generate allergy reports

In this article we review how the kitchen team can stay on top of the allergy requirements and headcount within the schools

Nursery chefs should be granted administrative rights on EY Man to:

  • Download reports for the schools they are providing food for

This almost certainly means a Company Admin account on EY Man if they are servicing more than one school. Once they have that access they need to:

  • Go to the reports section
  • Go to the default Allergy, Dietary / Medical report in the Operational Reports section
  • Select the schools they want that information for
  • Click generate (CSV or PDF) depending on whether you want to edit / manipulate the data (CSV / spreadsheet) or whethery ou just want to print (PDF)
  • Go back to the reports>operational>child booking pattern>select schools and repeat
  • Cross reference allergies with attendance and highlight accordingly

Managers need to keep chefs abreast of starters / leavers that might affect changes

For the 8 minute training video click here