Policy: Staff working with their own children

In this article we look into our policy regarding staff working with their own children and family members and how we can ensure that conflicts of interest are avoided...

Staff Working with Their Own Children/Close Relation

At Hatching Dragons we understand the potential stresses of staff returning to work after having a baby or working in the same environment as your child or a close relation. We wish to support all employees in this position and request the member of staff meet with the nursery manager and room leader, where appropriate, to discuss the needs of all parties.

We believe our staff should remain neutral and treat all children with the same regard. It is generally not appropriate for staff to care for their own children or those of a close relative whilst working in the nursery.

However, we recognise that this may not always be possible. We will also try to accommodate the wishes of any staff member with a child or close relative in the nursery and come to an agreement which suits us all. This agreement is based on the following principles:

  • Where staff work in the same room as their child or close relation, there is an agreed set of guidelines between the nursery and the member of staff setting out the expectations of working with their child/close relation. These include a clear statement that during their time at nursery the child is in the care of the nursery and it is the nursery that retains responsibility for the child and their care
  • Where this agreement is not working or is impacting on the care of the child or other children in the room, the manager and member of staff will reassess the situation
  • Staff caring for another staff member’s child will treat them as they would any other parent/child. No special treatment will be offered to any child or parent who has connections with the nursery.

Where the manager assesses that the agreement is not working and/or there is an impact on the care of the children in the room because of the staff member’s relationship with their child or close relation:

  • The manager will consider moving the staff member and not the child. This will enable the child to be in the appropriate age/stage group and to continue to forge consistent relationships with other children in this group
  • Where the staff member is in another room, there will be an agreement between the staff member, manager and room leader about contact with the child during the nursery day. Although we do not want to restrict a parent seeing their child, we must consider the room routine and the upset a visit may cause the child when their parent leaves the room again
  • If there are staff shortages resulting in the movement of staff, the staff member will be placed in a different room to that of their child or close relation, wherever possible
  • Where a staff member’s baby requires breastfeeding, the nursery will adapt the above guidelines to suit both the baby’s and mother’s needs. Cover will be provided during this time.