Policy: Staff Code of Conduct

Our values are what govern our behaviour and we really want a team that adheres to ours - we believe we're a family and so will measure not just your competence and your ability to do the job, but in how you are with others you work with

Organisational culture: the values we expect

It is critical that we get the right mix of people with the right skills and expertise to deliver the quality we need but it all hinges on the team, culture and attitude we take to work and to each other to make it happen. As such, every staff member is invited to evaluate their Manager, Management Team, Themselves and at least two of their peers against the following principles, which we, as a company, believe reflect the values of the company - values that we are trying to teach our children so should be able to demonstrate ourselves

Respect & Courtesy 

for the Company, for your colleagues and yourself in how you communicate / behave

Compassion & Understanding 

of your needs and those of others in how you communicate / behave

Team Work & Support

helping others do what needs to get done

Proactive Positivity  

being solutions oriented, not problems focussed 

Praise & Encouragement

congratulating peers on work and providing positive constructive feedback on where they can improve

Pragmatic Professionalism  Maintaining confidentiality, ensuring policy and applying restraint in how your communicate

Staff Code of Conduct: Your Promises

We take our staff code of conduct very seriously. Upon induction, you would have been issued a code of conduct document to sign (which can be found here in full), which outlines the standards we expect from you during your work in the school. This policy outlines some additional areas that we expect you to adhere to also so is worth reading through

Commitment to the company

  1. At all times comply with the Company’s rules, policies and procedures in force as detailed in the Company handbook and online guidance in the knowledge base
  2. Read and understand those policies to the fullest extent by the time my probation ends
    and assume full responsibility for this undertaking
  3. Faithfully and diligently serve the Company to the best of my ability, delivering on the
    requirements of my Job Description to the highest standards I can
  4. Understand and accept that it is my responsibility to understand this role, its requirements and how I will be evaluated to its fullest extent and should I found to be lacking, I may have my probation extended or served with termination on notice for failure to deliver to the standards required, in line with our disciplinary procedures and quality assurance promise to parents

Commitment to your team

  1. Always maintain the high standards set by the Company in how I dress, how I behave,
    the attitude which I apply to my role and the quality and orderliness of my room
  2. Ensure that I will only speak the native language of the country in which I am work- ing with ALL colleagues, whether on break or on the floor to help develop inclusivity in our team
  3. Endeavour to treat my colleagues with patience, understanding and respect, appreciating that in bilingual and bicultural settings we must do more to understand one another to overcome differences in cultural communication
  4. Not gossip or act in any manner that is unprofessional that may be perceived to be
    as such in talking about my colleagues not in their presence either in person or online
  5. Support my team with best practice in a positive, patient and constructive manner
    working to the benefit of the nursery as a whole
  6. Understand and accept that if found to be in should I found to be lacking, I may have my probation extended or served with termination on notice for failure to deliver to the standards required, in line with our disciplinary procedures and quality assurance promise to parents

Commitment to your children

  1. I will support all children in their development, monitor their progress and
    provide all aspects of care, teaching and learning for children as defined in the
    EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and other good practice and legal documentation in Safeguarding and in the pursuit of their welfare interests
  2. I agree to read, understand and follow the principles and objectives of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, as ratified by the U.K. (1991).
  3. Never manhandle a child in a physical or emotionally damaging fashion, always ensuring that I use patience, love and positive reinforcement with behaviour management no matter how stressed I, personally, feel.
  4. To be happy, positive and emotionally directed towards the betterment of my children’s emotional well being, not- withstanding how I may be personally feeling at the time
    Commitment to your children
  5. To work with parents and managers to create the most positive, beneficial and
    stimulating programme of activities for their child and always maintain their
    rights above all else.

Cultural Sensitivity & Respect 

As a bilingual and bicultural nursery school, our mission statement is to educate children to respect other cultures and languages. That starts with the staff team, who must always ensure that they themselves and between themselves are using the language that all staff can understand ie. the native language of the country in which they are working. 

That means that staff - throughout the course of their day, be it on the floor or in the staff room on break - are required to speak in the language native to the country they are working in. Failure to do so breeds division in the staff team - it is disrespectful to each other and will result in a disciplinary if found to be in breach for 3 occasions or more.