Policy: Ofsted Communications

Ofsted Communications 

Managers are responsible for maintaining the school in accordance with the EYFS Statutory Framework 2017 and the Early Years Compliance Handbook. Point 42 of the EY Compliance Handbook states:

“We can prosecute a provider who fails to notify us of a significant or notifiable event as set out in regulations 12 of the EYFS Welfare Requirement Regulations of 2012. We will do this if: there is sufficient evidence to show that a notifiable event has occurred there is no evidence to suggest that we have received notification as soon as reasonably possible, and in any case within 14 days of the provider becoming aware of it any time in which the registered person may make representation has expired.”

What is a notifiable event?

The EYFS lists all required communications with Ofsted. A notifiable event is anything that may prejudice our ability to care for children. That could be:

  • The death of a child
  • Where a person’s suitability to look after children might be affected, including 1.involvement with social services or the police 2.something significant affecting their health
  • Events that might affect the smooth running of the childcare, such as a fire or flooding at the premises
  • Serious accidents, injuries or illnesses to a child, including confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus)
  • Food poisoning affecting 2 or more children
  • Allegations of serious harm or abuse anywhere by any person at the premises who is 1.living there 2.working there 3.looking after children there

More information on serious accidents can be found   on:https://www.gov.uk/guidance/childcare-reporting-childrens-accidents-and-injuries

All such notifications are required with 14 days of such an event occurring and must be completed using the online form. Managers must compile an incident folder in line with our incident policy, undertake a full investigation and engage the LADO from the Local Authority regarding and / all child protection issues.

Managers are required to engage the Nominated Person (Safeguarding@hatching-dragons.com) directly as a first port of call to solicit advice and update the safeguarding / Ofsted logs in the management information pack accordingly

All Ofsted comms and emails must be retained on our CRM and logged as pdf copies in the Ofsted folder in External Communications.

Local Authority

Managers are advised to develop good working relationships with their early years teams at their respective councils - they are a source of information, support and training where required. Managers are therefore required to retain copies of all email communications and engagement they have with the local authority within the Local Authority folder in external communications, along with copies of any audit,s reports and undertakings shared by the council