Policy: Office Health & Safety

Health and Safety in the Office 

At Hatching Dragons we take the welfare of our employees seriously and put safeguards in place to help protect the health and safety of all employees. This includes any staff who are required to undertake office duties as part of their role including sitting at a computer. See office Safety Risk Asssessment 

We carry out risk assessments to assess any health and safety risks to employees carrying out office duties and provide appropriate equipment for their role.   

Staff using computers can help to prevent health problems in the office by:

  • Sitting comfortably at the correct height with forearms parallel to the surface of the desktop and eyes level with the top of the screen
  • Maintaining a good posture
  • Avoiding repetitive and awkward movements by using a copyholder and keeping frequently used items within easy reach
  • Changing position regularly
  • Using a good keyboard and mouse technique with wrists straight and not using excessive force
  • Making sure there are no reflections or glare on screens by carefully positioning them in relation to sources of light
  • Adjusting the screen controls to prevent eyestrain
  • Keeping the screen clean
  • Reporting to their manager any problems associated with use of the equipment
  • Planning work so that there are breaks away from the workstation.

Seating and posture for typical office tasks:

  • Good lumbar support from the office seating
  • Seat height and back adjustability
  • No excess pressure on underside of thighs and backs of knees
  • Foot support provided if needed
  • Space for postural change, no obstacles should be under the desk
  • Forearms approximately horizontal
  • Minimal extensions, flexing or straining of wrists
  • Screen height and angle should allow for comfortable head position
  • Space in front of keyboard to support hand/wrists during pauses in typing.

If an employee requires additional support, please let the manager know as soon as possible.