Policy: Non Contact Time

In this article, we briefly go into the detail of what time teaching staff are afforded off the floor to undertake the administrative aspects of their role regarding observations, assessments and planning

Key Points:

  • All key persons should receive 1 hour off the floor / week so that they can undertake the administrative aspects of their role.
  • These aspects include, but are not limited to:
    • Observations, assessments and planning - ensuring that they are delivering on the requirements set out in our OAP policy and Parent Communications policy
    • Training - with either the school's manager AND / OR the central team in further training on policy knowledge, systems and guidance as to how to undertake their roles
  • Room Leaders need to have 2 hours of non-contact time / week to:
    • Evaluate OAP undertaken by their key worker team and publish
    • Review BambooHR Goals / Progress made by their team on the goals determined in one on ones over the course of the month
    • Attend management training with the CEO
    • Undertake their own OAP for their key children
    • Procure resources for their planning
  • Rooms should also have the opportunity to undertake impromptu weekly room meetings to talk through initiatives at the company, room evaluations, policy knowledge, key events that are due to take place (starters / leavers / monthly educational themes and activities and developmental reporting - termly progress updates - that parents will expect) 
  • These times need to be inputted into the school's HR & Staffing Google Calendar to ensure that all staff can see when who will be off the floor
  • They will be replaced by the float on the floor for the duration of that time and the float will be replaced by an agency staffer so that the school maintains operational deployment to always have a surplus member of staff