Policy: Food Play

Food Play Policy

At Hatching Dragons we ensure any food we use for play with the children is carefully supervised. We will also use the following procedures to ensure children are kept safe:

  •     Choking hazards are checked and avoided
  •     We will not use whole jelly cubes for play. If we do use jelly to enhance our play then all jelly will be prepared with water as per the instructions and then used
  •     Small objects such as dried pasta and pulses will only be used for older children and under supervision
  •     All allergies and intolerances will be checked and activities will be adapted to suit all children’s needs so no child is excluded
  •     All activities including food will be included on the planning sheets showing all allergens so all staff and parents are aware of the ingredients
  •     Children’s allergies will be visible to staff when placing out food play activities to ensure all needs are met
  •     Any cooking activities will be checked prior to start to ensure all children are able use all the ingredients based on their individual needs
  •     We will not use food in play unless it enhances the opportunities children are receiving from the activity. Many of the food will be reused in other activities, especially the dry materials.