Policy: Confidentiality

In this article, we're looking at our approach to confidentiality and the importance in maintaining it with our children, parents and our colleagues

Confidentiality Policy

Hatching Dragons work with children and their families.  This will bring us into contact with confidential information. It is a legal requirement for the nursery to hold information about the children and families using the nursery and the staff working at the nursery. This information is used for registers, invoices and emergency contacts. At Hatching Dragons we are committed to protecting the privacy of our staff, students, children and their parents and we have a duty of care to protect personal details that we keep of these individuals. All confidential information is kept and stored in line with Hatching Dragons Data Protection Policy and Procedures which complies with the Data Protection Principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 and amended 2002.

It is our intention to respect the privacy of children and their families and we will do so by:

  • Storing confidential records in a locked filing cabinet
  • Ensuring that all staff, volunteers and students are aware that this information is confidential and only for use within the nursery
  • Ensuring that parents have access to files and records of their own children but not to those of any other child
  • Gaining parental permission for any information to be used other than for the above reasons
  • Ensuring that staff, through their close relationship with both the children and their parents, learn more about the families using the nursery
  • Ensuring that staff are aware that this information is confidential and only for use within the nursery setting. (If any of this information is requested for whatever reason, the parents’ permission will always be sought)
  • Ensuring that staff do not discuss personal information given by parents with other members of staff, except where it affects planning for the child's needs
  • Ensuring that staff, student and volunteer inductions include an awareness of the importance of confidentiality in the role of the key person. If staff breach any confidentiality provisions this may result in disciplinary action and in serious cases, dismissal. (Students on placement in the nursery are advised of our confidentiality policy and required to respect it.)
  • Ensuring that staff, students and volunteers are aware of and follow our social network policy in relation to confidentiality 
  • Ensuring that issues concerning the employment of staff remain confidential to the people directly involved with making personnel decisions
  • Ensuring that any concerns/evidence relating to a child's personal safety are kept in a secure, confidential file and are shared with as few people as possible on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. If, however, a child is considered at risk, our Safeguarding Policy will override confidentiality.

Safeguarding documents should be retained in a ‘Safeguarding Log’ file, separate to the main pupil file.  The main file should have an alert that a Safeguarding file exists and state its location.  The Safeguarding file must be locked away and only be accessible by the Owner/Manager and Designated Safeguarding Officer.  

When a child leaves the establishment they must ensure that the Child Protection file is copied and transferred to the new establishment as soon as possible, clearly marked ‘Safeguarding, Confidential for Attention of Designated Safeguarding Lead’. This must be separate to the main pupil file.  All the undertakings above are subject to the paramount commitment of the nursery, which is to the safety and well-being of the child.