Policy: Babysitting

In this article, we review our policies on babysitting and why we do not allow our nursery teachers to work from client's homes.

At Hatching Dragons,  we do not provide a babysitting service for our families from teachers who work with their children in a formalised educational context. We offer a separate nannying function that can recruit and appoint dedicated personnel who work evenings that are separate from the daily care and education within the school

That might sound counter-intuitive to those of you who think the person based placed to care for your child at home, is the same person who cares for them at school. But unfortunately, the risks to breaches in client confidentiality (see policy), safeguarding (see policy) and staff code of conduct have been proven to place both the practitioner and family at risk of regulatory breach, both in terms of Ofsted guidance, and employer's liability, such that the business has resolved to enforce strict separation of nursery school care from home care. 

Families and staff are reminded that the terms and conditions of their care with us stipulate the penalties for both parents and staff that fall in breach of this policy - staff will be terminated, and the family in question will be liable to pay 20% of the staffer's annualised salary and may have their nursery place terminated