Once all safer recruitment are completed the new employee will need to be onboarded to BambooHR. This can be done as follows:

  • Login to BambooHr
  • Find the applicants profile using the search function on the top right hand corner
  • On the right hand side click on the drop down status box, select Hire Employee.
  • Click on Send this new employee hire packet
  • Fill in the required information
  • Click Allow Access to BambooHR
  • Save and Create new Hire packet 
  • Select Induction Pack Relevant to the new staff member
  • Enter information of who they will meet on their first day
  • Add induction Tasks
  • The induction task will then appear on the onboarding section 


Videos: How to onboard new staff


What happens next?

The new employee will be added to BambooHR, they will now be required to complete the onboarding tasks assigned to them, the management team will then be required to go through these each day for the first two weeks.


Contract of employment

Now the hiring packet/onboarding documents  have been sent manager/admin team will be require to send a contract of employment to the new staffer. The contract of employment is generated from BambooHR, the manager will be required to fill in the details for the contract, once complete the employee will be required to review and sign this. It is important that on the employees first day the manager/admin team check we have secured a contract of employment.

How do I generate the contract of employment for signature?


Once a contract is generated what other information do we need to add to BambooHR?

This can be found here.

How do I invite the employee in to work for Induction

Manager/admin team will need to send the new employee a calender invite confirming their induction, this will be done using the schools HR and Staffing calender, the manager and deputy manager should be invited to this calender invitation.

How do I add the new employee to the relevant systems?

Managers/admin team will be required to enrol the new employee into the following systems relevant to their role,  for more information on the systems we use , please click here.

For Nursery staff this will be :

  • Educare- Level 2 Online Training , please see training video here.
  • Eyman- Training videos can be found here.
  • Hubspot -Staff properties need to be filled in
  • Whatsapp- The staff member will be added to the schools whatsapp groups
  • Staff photo and bio- To be added on the website, see video here.