March- Value- 德 To Be Good

Introducing the concept of "德 To Be Good" to nursery children in the context of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a wonderful way to lay the foundation for positive character development and moral values. Here's a simple and child-friendly way to introduce this concept:

To be good

"Being Kind and Good: Learning about 德"



To help nursery children understand the importance of being kind, good, and considerate towards others in a way that is age-appropriate and engaging.



Start by gathering the children in a circle and telling them that today, you're going to talk about something very special - how to be kind and good to each other, just like friends.


Story Time:

Choose a story or a short picture book that emphasizes the values of kindness and goodness. You might consider using a story like "The Golden Rule" or any other suitable story that promotes good behavior and positive interactions.



After the story, engage the children in a discussion by asking questions like:

- "What did the characters in the story do that was kind?"

- "Why is it important to be good to our friends?"

- "How do you feel when someone is kind to you?"


Encourage the children to share their thoughts and feelings, making it a safe space for open dialogue.



  1. Friendship Bracelets: Provide materials like colorful beads and string to make friendship bracelets. Explain that these bracelets can remind them to be good and kind to their friends.


  1. Kindness Chart: Create a kindness chart on a large piece of paper where children can put stickers or draw stars whenever they do something kind or helpful.


  1. Role-Playing: Encourage the children to role-play different scenarios where they can be kind, such as sharing toys, helping a friend, or saying nice words.


Song and Movement:

Teach the children a simple song about kindness, and incorporate movements or actions to make it fun and memorable. Let's Be Kind



Gather the children once again and summarize what they've learned about being kind and good. Emphasize that being kind to others makes everyone happy.


Home-School Connection:

Send a note or handout with suggestions for parents to reinforce the concept of "德" at home, such as encouraging their child to share, say "please" and "thank you," and be a good friend.


Key Messages:

- "Being kind and good to our friends is important."

- "When we are kind, we make our friends happy."

- "We can show 德 every day by sharing and helping each other."


By introducing the concept of "德" in this child-friendly way, you'll be nurturing positive values and social skills in your nursery children, aligning with the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).