Job Description: Area Manager

In this article we're going to review who the Area Manager is, what they're responsible for and how they oversee to help them do it....


Key Information

Post Title

Area Manager 

Direct Report


Works with

Central business administration

Line Manages

Nursery Managers / Nursery Directors with CEO


To oversee the nurseries in the businesses portfolio and ensure that the school principal / Nursery Directors are adhering to the Company’s policies and procedures and expectations on quality / customer service / educational model and brand proposition. And to provide contingency buffer for management should / if staff attrition occurs

Ultimately this role is about monitoring, guiding, training and inspecting the managers ability to deliver on their brief - it is not (necessarily) a role in which you should be directly involved in day to day operations, rather that you're attending to hold managers, and the teams they oversee, to account for the actions and expectations set in regular monitoring visits. You will know our operating procedures completely, and help managers develop knowledge of our systems and procedural approach to ensure that we have effectively handover to people who are capable of delivering, and then hold them accountable for it


  • Brand - To be the ambassador for and principal agent in ensuring the brand identity of the business - from customer service, facilities & infrastructure, communications, education and welfare is felt in all steps of our customers’ experience, as per our brand guidelines and policy framework, ensuring our schools look / feel and operate in the way our brand expects
  • HR & Staffing - Overseeing and executing on all deployment and recruitment between the schools, ensuring our staffing model is maintained, forecasting is delivered and recruitment is proactive. Ultimately, you will need to monitor and oversee the nursery managers in delivering all aspects of HR & Staffing administration and policy / procedure through regular assessments of policy and outputs on BambooHR and ensure that, in terms of performance management, we have the right 
  • Induction & Training: To develop and deliver training for all management level personnel (including room leaders) on all aspects of our management systems, procedural approach and expectations set out within their job descriptions to ensure that we have the right people in our organisational mix who are capable of doing the job.
  • Performance Management - to hold accountable the nursery managers and staff that work within the schools for the roles they hold and to offer promotions and recognise recommendations from managers for those who have (demonstrably / objectively) excelled in assessments and to exit those who do not fit our culture / expectations in favour of those who do (proactively recruiting to ensure that we have sufficient buffer of personnel on an ongoing basis)
  • Quality Assurance - To undertake monthly school inspections to provide evaluation reports on progress, actions for managers to take into effect and to liaise with and work between quality assurance consultants and managers to ensure key actions are achieved within a set timeframe, using Workast as the means to monitor and track these actions through to completion each month. Ultimately responsible for ensuring schools deliver Good to Outstanding gradings upon inspection
  • Budget Oversight - Ensuring that the school managers are delivering on our expected financial model, including cost of sales management as a % of revenue and sales targets are achieved through proactive 
  • Policy Adherence: Working with managers to assess their schools adherence to policy in all areas, as defined and set by the board of directors, including pedagogy / language tracking and all welfare reporting. Maintaining policy evaluation matrixes for each school and the staff within it to present to board / CEO on termly basis.
  • Customer Relations - To ensure the customer service team delivers on our SLAs for customer response / satisfaction as to how we have managed their issue and to periodically (termly) review feedback assessments on both school delivery to create actions for schools / administrative teams to improve - objective is to secure 85%< positive approvals from parents / clients and staff from internal assessments (Hubspot) 
  • Sales & Enquiries - Ensuring nursery managers / management teams execute sales and conversions in line with targets (50%<) and to undertake work programmes to improve results and revenue generating activities on an ongoing basis (training managers on show arounds, improving the internal environment)
  • Personal Feedback: Receiving 80% positive feedback from customers & staff on service / attitude and responsiveness during anonymised feedback surveys. Monthly reviews from anonymised feedback surveys
  • Stakeholder Relationships: To be the public face of the schools and school business in PR opportunities and events






Full time permanent contract

Required Qualifications & Certificates

Essential: Relevant childcare qualification to level 3 or above; Up to date paediatric first aid; safeguarding training (Level 3); Food Hygiene; SEND

Certified Trainer Credentials to take forward internal training requirements 


People skills - this is a people management role

Organisational discipline and diligence 

Communication - clarity on internal communication through agre

Financial and budget management capability 

Educational knowledge and expertise

Desired - Chinese

Indesign graphic design knowledge beneficial


  • At least two years experience working and managing UK childcare settings as a nursery manager

  • Strong track record in (EYFS) high quality early years provision for Ofsted Good rating and above

  • Managerial experience in nursery industry in settings of over 40 places (children) aged 6 months to 5

  • Training experience required

  • Conflict resolution experience - being able to deliver a tough message in a fair way

Person Specification

  • Adaptable, energetic and solutions oriented / problem solver

  • Process driven to be in line with reporting lines and corporate compliance

  • High emotional intelligence and empathetic

  • Commercial awareness / business development 

  • Excellent written and verbal skills in English and Chinese

  • Motivated to work and progress 

  • Committed to personal development - we want examples of people who have invested in themselves in their spare time to further their career

  • Business savvy and interested in understanding how the businesses work - we want our people to be able to run their own nurseries in time

  • Managerial - we are looking for people who want to become managers, inspire others and become leaders 


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