Hubspot Properties: Staff Profiles

It is important that the manager/admin team ensure Hubspot contact properties for new employees are filled in full. Manager/admin team will also be required to review the contact list each month to ensure all employees are reflecting  on the right lists.


How do I  adjust Staff contact profiles for new starters?

  • Login to Hubspot
  • Search for the staffer email address in the top right hand corner
  • Click on the email to open the contact record
  • Ensure the location of interest reflects the teams the person is associated to for example for school staff select the location as the school they work in/ head office staff should go under head office
  • On the left hand side Scroll down on the staffer contact record to Staffing and Recruitment Tab
  • The following areas on the Staffing Recruitment Tab should be filled Applicable Role,Authority,Employment Status,Staff Status 
  • Once all the amendments have been made click on save. 


How do I check the staff member is reflected in the right contact list?

  • Login to Hubspot
  • Select Contacts on the top right hand corner
  • Select Lists, then select the contact list you would like to review e.g HD City Staff/Canada Water Staff/Westminster Staff/Weekend School Staff/head office
  • Once you have select one of the above contact list, the contact list should reflect all employee working under that unit, you can use BambooHR to compare the list, if an employee is missing from the list then this means the property fields have not been completed in full. 

What do I do if a staff member is not listed on the list?

  • Login to Hubspot
  • On the left hand side search for employee name in the search bar>Select contact record>Ensure the properties on the right hand side are all completed.
  • If the staff member does not come up doing the above you will need to add them as a new contact. Click on Contacts on the top left hand corner>Contacts>Add Contact> add the employee> Ensure all feilds are filled so they are added to the right list.

What do I use to do the comparison ?

Manager/admin team should use BambooHR Staff lists to ensure all hubspot staff list are up to date.

How often do we check the contact list on husbpot?

Managers/admin team should check the list are accurate at least once per month.


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