February- Value- 信 Honesty


Introducing the value of 信 honesty to our nursery children based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework is essential for their social and moral development. Here's a simple and child-friendly way to introduce the concept of honesty to young children:

Activity: "Mr. Truthful's Treasure Hunt"

Objective: To help nursery children understand the value of honesty and truthfulness.

Materials Needed:

  1. Storybook about honesty or a puppet (e.g., "Mr. Truthful")
  2.  A small treasure or stickers as rewards.


  1. Circle Time gather the children: Begin by gathering the children in a circle and have them sit comfortably. 
  2. Introduce Mr. Truthful: Introduce a friendly puppet character, such as "Mr. Truthful." Explain to the children that Mr. Truthful loves to tell the truth and be honest all the time.
  3. Read a Story or Share a Short Tale: Read a short story or share a tale that emphasizes the importance of being honest. Make sure the story is age-appropriate and engaging for the children. e.g. Saving Easter, Fables
  4. Treasure Hunt: Explain to the children that Mr. Truthful has hidden a special treasure somewhere in the nursery or play area. But, he needs their help to find it because he's lost. 
  5. Promote Honesty: Tell the children that they will need to listen carefully and be honest, just like Mr. Truthful, during the treasure hunt. Encourage them to share any clues they discover with the group and to always tell the truth.
  6. Search for Clues: Place a few clues or hints around the nursery that lead to the treasure's location. These clues could be simple drawings or written messages that are easy for young children to understand. As the children find each clue, emphasize the importance of being truthful in their observations.
  7. Find the Treasure: After following the clues, the children will eventually find the treasure or stickers hidden by Mr. Truthful. Celebrate their success and emphasize how their honesty and teamwork helped them find it.
  8. Discussion: Gather the children in a circle again and have a brief discussion. Ask them how they felt when they found the treasure and when they had to be honest. Share with them the importance of always telling the truth, just like Mr. Truthful.
  9. Reflect: Encourage the children to reflect on their experience during the treasure hunt and remind them that being honest is a valuable and good thing to do.
  10. Reward: As a final step, reward each child with a sticker or a small token to reinforce the positive behavior and honesty they exhibited during the activity.

This activity is not only fun and engaging for nursery children but also promotes a deeper understanding of the value of honesty in their daily lives, aligning with the principles of the EYFS framework, which emphasize personal, social, and emotional development.