Events Policy

In this article, we run through the approach we have to events management and how it is a central part of our overarching educational ethos at Hatching Dragons

Events & Marketing Policy

Hatching Dragons believes in the importance of ensuring that the nursery functions also as a locus of community activity to ensure that children are aware of the importance of community, society and their place within it. It is part of our Understanding the World programme (EYFS Learning and Development outcome).

The nursery will deliver:

  • Weekly stay and plays local families: Every Monday / friday preferably for babies aged 0-2 yrs
  • Monthly cultural festivals for registered and external families in line with our annual plan
  • Monthly Open house mornings for local families to attend the school during working hours
  • Monthly Open evenings for parents to come and meet the team and see the facilities after working hours
  • Termly Paediatric First Aid parent training sessions on a Saturday and present to the attendees the school's ethos, information and events programme


Managers will:

  • Deliver on the events programme diarised in the central marketing strategy calendar
  • Copy all relevant events to their own schools specific marketing calendar and be responsible for monitoring the timeline of activities due to be delivered for these events on a rolling basis
  • Ensure that each event has a corresponding folder on their school team drive>marketing>events>[stay and plays / cultural festivals
  • Ensure that each event has a full risk assessment and event plan ahead of the event and archived in the nursery’s event folder (see template)
  • Communicate that event plan to key members of staff to ensure that it is well / perfectly executed
  • Download and secure event attendees ahead of each event's delivery and save in the event folder for future reference
  • Ensure the school has sufficient street level marketing (flags / banners / balloons) to publicise the event at street level to draw attention to the school
  • Ensure that the attendees are in receipt of marketing packs with brochure / flyers and marketing goods upon close of the event
  • Provide all attendees with a health and safety and safeguarding induction on the day and ensure that no mobile phones are used if our own children are in attendance
  • Secure at least 2 x high quality videos for marketing purposes, or depute the responsibility to a capable member of staff to achieve the same; and 5 x high quality photos of the event

The Central Team will:

  • Control the central events programme for the schools as a whole to ensure consistency of dates across the board
  • Set up the events registration pages on the website, the corresponding forms with eventbrite and Hubspot forms to collate registrations
  • Ensure that the event is marketed across digital platforms and social media
  • Set up the systems to collate attendee information and automate external communication's messages via email and SMS to remind attendees of the forthcoming event

Personal Data:

The nursery maintains confidential information on its attendees in line with safeguarding procedures. Please see our GDPR Policy for information on how we maintain data

Digital Marketing:

The nurseries use social media to promote its activities and approach to the local community. Parents will be invited to grant permission for the use of photos and digital media in external publications and social media during their registration. Nursery managers are responsible for ensuring that only photos of children whose parents have granted permission for external use are used in digital promotion