Disciplinary/Investigation/Grievance Meeting Templates

Managers have access to Morton Michele Legal advice for investigation/disciplinary/grievances advice. Manager/admin team should also be aware of ACAS guidance.

Managers should consult with the legal team at Morton Michele before proceeding with any disciplinary/grievance meetings, you will be required to provide Morton Michele with the employees information in order to obtain advice. The team at Morton Michele will be able to provide you with guidance on how to conduct the meeting and advise on outcomes in line with employment legislation.The contact number is 0330 303 1466

Acas gives employees and employers free, impartial advice on workplace rights, rules and best practice, it is therefore important to keep up to date with ACAS guidelines.


How do i sent an invitation to an investigation/disciplinary meeting?

Managers/admin team will be required to send an invitation to an investigation meeting to the employee as soon as a decision is made on the investigation. The letter should cover why the investigation is being carried out, who will be leading the meeting, how the meeting will be held, information on speaking to witnesses and what the next happen next.  Managers/admin team should follows ACAS guidance An example template can be found here. Manager/admin team should take minutes during the meeting of all that has been discussed, the employee should be provided with the minutes for signature to confirm all the information taken is correct.

Where do I add the information once a meeting is complete?

All investigation/disciplinary/grievance meeting should be added to the staffer bamboo profile, copies of the minutes/invitation should be added in the documents section and a log should be added on the grievance/disciplinary tabs on the staffer profile.

How do I add the grievance/disciplinary to the Bamboo Tabs?

Information on how to log a a disciplinary/grievance on bamboo can be found on this article.