Policy: Departing Families

We're always sad to see you go but as your children grow up, graduation always beckons, so here we're going to run through our exit procedures so you know what to do, when to notify us of your plans to progress

At Hatching Dragons we aim to ensure that all of our families want to remain with us for the entire duration of their child’s pre-Reception educational experience (up to age 5). Our families tend to stay with us all the way through and, as you come to the natural end of your time with us, we will automatically notify you of our planned point of contractual termination, which is calculated as the last day of the summer term in the year that your child turns five (which is the same year in which your child is due to start primary school)

Should you wish to leave before this point, you will need to submit your notice to terminate your place, the links to which can be found in your induction pack or here.

The school manager will then immediately notify the central team (irrespective of the grounds for departure) to see if we can keep you in the community - normally we find that we can help you find solutions to your issues, should you have any, so it's always worthwhile having a chat. Managers do have discretion to maintain their communities and so will be permitted to propose solutions to the central team to help parents in whatever regard they may need. 

Should families wish to continue to depart, managers need to:

  • Notify central management
  • Log the departure in the management report for Central / budget review
  • Issue the family with a feedback form

Finance / Ops and / or the Manager will:

  • Mark the child’s termination date on the Nursery Management System
  • Remove the family from the Hubspot registered family newsletter lists
  • Follow finance procedures to close off the account and return deposits less any outstanding