April- Value- 孝 Respect

Introducing the concept of "孝 Respect” to nursery children in the context of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) can be a wonderful way to help them develop important social and emotional skills. Here's a simple and child-friendly introduction:


" Learning About 孝 (Respect)"


To help nursery children understand the importance of being kind and respectful to others.


Start by gathering the children in a circle and showing them a picture of a family, explaining that families are important because they care for and love each other. Ask them if they know what "孝" (Respect) means, and let them know that it's a special word for being kind and showing love and care to our family, friends, and even to the world around us.


Read a story or show a short video that exemplifies respect, such as a story about a child helping their grandparent or friends being kind to each other.


After the story, engage the children in a simple discussion. Ask questions like:

- "How did the characters in the story show respect?"

- "Why is it important to be kind and respectful to others?"

- "Can you think of a time when someone was kind to you, or when you were kind to someone else?"


Now, let's do an activity to practice respect together. Provide a few scenarios or role-playing opportunities that help children understand how to show respect. For example, you can have them take turns pretending to help a friend up if they fall, or to say "please" and "thank you" when asking for or receiving something.

Art and Craft:

Engage the children in a simple art and craft activity related to respect. They can create a "Respect Flower" by drawing or sticking pictures of people they respect or love onto a paper flower. Talk about why each person is important to them.

Song or Rhyme:

Sing a simple song or rhyme related to respect. For example:

(To the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")

"Respect, respect, every day,

We should be kind in every way.

To our friends and family too,

Respect is the right thing to do."


Finish the session by summarizing the importance of respect, and encourage the children to practice respect in their daily lives. Remind them that showing respect is a way to make the people around us happy and feel loved.


Throughout the nursery sessions, continue to incorporate the concept of "孝" (Respect) by modeling respectful behavior and encouraging children to express their feelings and emotions in a respectful manner. Celebrate moments when they demonstrate respect towards one another.

By introducing respect in a fun and age-appropriate way, nursery children can begin to understand and embrace this important value as they grow and develop in their early years.