We aim for children of this age group to articulate ideas in a more expansive vocabulary and express their interest in their environment and the communities within it. Blue Dragons are introduced to the "academic" areas of development in more detail, plus some moral and ethical concepts.

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Educational Outcomes

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Blue Dragons have the most rapid acquisition and verbalisation of vocabulary, getting to understand or speak anywhere between 250-1000 words in English or Chinese. Children also string basic sentences in both languages, including conjunctions and action words for the first time.

This is a critical age for managing feelings and behaviour. Blue Dragons will begin to understand the concepts of possession and feelings of ownership with a focus on establishing boundaries to develop values like respect, responsibility, kindness and compassion.

The children master stairs and move towards the introduction of sports and games that encourage hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. They also start to serve themselves food and water, and eat and drink unaided. Our Blue Dragons know their bodily functions sufficient to communicate when toilet and potties are required.

Children will be introduced to abstract concepts in reading and writing though adult led activities. We actively encourage children in story time to use their imagination and understand the structure and moral outputs. They also start to assimilate pictures and marks with meanings.

Our children are now able to recite numbers in sequence, express numbers and marks in writing, which suggests early cognition of numerals. They also have a good understanding of shape and structure, using puzzles and construction to piece together structures.

Blue Dragons begin to articulate special experiences particular to them, like birthdays or visits, and are regularly engaged with activities that reflect real-world experiences and knowledge, setting the tone for the introduction of geography, history and people as they move into preschool.

Children are happy to self-express in our song time by using instruments to participate and to sing in Chinese and English. They also dance more rhythmically, think creatively to mix colour and materials in art class, and use construction and shapes to represent real-world spaces.

How we do it

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