Our curriculum is focused on 3 prime areas that will be the pillars for all future education and development: communication & language; personal, social & emotional development; and physical development.

Listen to Rebekah and Julie! Their children have been with us for some time and these are their experiences in Hatchlings.

Educational Outcomes

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We introduce children to words through songs, rhymes and interactions, aiming to encourage them to listen, understand and, hopefully, speak up to 20 words in either Chinese and English.

Social interaction and bond-building are critical at this age. For children in full-time daycare, we foster the care and connections of a typical family environment, making them feel at home in our nursery.

Our Hatchlings develop basic motor control skills through a sensorially rich and exploratively exciting environment. Your child will learn to pull, pat, push, grasp and manipulate objects, and hold themselves upright to the point of being able to walk.

We introduce stories and books through fun and engaging "reading" activities, like rhymes and quiet time, but also do mark-making to start stimulating their writing skills.

We focus on helping our children understand concepts like "more than" and "less than" by adding and removing familiar objects from view, so they begin to understand that things may exist, even when out of sight.

Our Hatchlings grow understanding their family at home and their family at nursery. However, for rich observational opportunities of the wider world, we provide them with exciting outings to farms, parks and other places in our vicinity.

We encourage children to self-express through music, arts and crafts, and immersing themselves in sensorial activities like messy play and heuristic play.

How we do it

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