We ensure that they have command of the core capabilities that will see them thrive in the future. Our Dragon Flight are confident communicators, attentive and respectful children, creative and curious, and healthy and active with solid control of their bodies.

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Educational Outcomes

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Our children are able to listen, understand or speak between 1000-2500 words by the time they leave us for Reception and primary school. We encourage active listening to ensure attention and concentration, and ensure that they can communicate effectively their needs and feelings. They also start using humour in language and more complex patterns in speech.

Our objective is to ensure that your child leaves us well balanced, confident and socially engaged. They have established friendships and can confidently express their feelings. Dragon Flight children comprehend the importance of boundaries, mutual respect, and being attentive to the needs of others as well as themselves.

Children are increasingly engaged in our sports curriculum. They take part in communal games to improve hand-eye coordination for both sports and motor control in writing, eating and general dexterity.

Children are encouraged to recognise the letters and sounds that create familiar words, which makes story time a more engaging activity. Writing is also more formally embedded in structured adult led activities.

Dragon Flight are able to count in sequence and recognise numerals in Chinese and English beyond 20. They express concepts of shape, space and measure, understanding weight, time and distance to solve more complex problems and concepts. Our children are ready to further their learning in computational abilities throughout reception and primary school.

Through our cultural programme and festivals, children begin to fully appreciate the rich diversity of people and cultural traditions in the world. They learn that whilst there are difference between us, there are also fundamental values that we all share, like respect, compassion and generosity.

How we do it

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  • ofsted good provider
  • national day nurseries association
  • food hygiene rating for hatching-dragons