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Introduction to our City of London Nursery

Welcome to Hatching Dragons City, our latest addition to the Hatching Dragons family.

Located within the old border walls of the historic City of London and set back from Aldersgate with our own entrance and little garden, we’ve found our nursery a home in the wonderful Ironmonger’s Hall, the seat of what is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies in the heart of the City of London.

The nursery is a split level provision with two entrances for the two main age groups we care for:

The Ground Floor Baby Room Unit can be accessed via Shaftesbury Place, Off Aldersgate, the main entrance to the Ironmongers Hall. It’s pretty easy to find – just look for the slight return on the left off the main drag heading down towards the Museum of London round about.

The Pre-School Unit is accessible via Nettleton Court on the Barbican High Walk. Essentially we are located behind the Museum of London, so if you head on up to the main entrance of the Museum by the round about and head towards Ironmongers Hall, you’ll find us adjacent to the staff entrance to the Museum itself. Handy for when the children want to go and enjoy their time in the museum and learn about the history of this wonderful City!!!

Key Information

Opening Hours: 0800-1800, 51 weeks a year

Ages: 6 months through to 5 years old

Hatchling (Baby) Places: 12

Baby Dragon (Toddler) Places: 15

Blue Dragon (2-3 yr old) Places: 16

Dragon Flight (3-5 yr old) Places: 32

Our Local Nursery Area

Some people thought it was an odd place to set up a nursery, being so close to the City. Isn’t it a bit too built up for a nursery? We couldn’t have thought of a better place. Nurseries close to home might be convenient en route to work. But not if you have to race across London if you need to see your baby. And not if you compare what residential based nurseries have on their doorstep versus what we have on ours. They might have a garden. We have the Barbican High Walk. and Fortune Park, with its own child friendly playground, on our doorstep. They might have a pond. We have the River Thames (and our own pond with turtles in the Golden Lane Estate, just opposite our front door). They might have history class. We have real history – St Pauls Cathedral and Museum of London on your doorstep anyone?

Trust us when we say, City living is the best place to learn to live in the City.

Our Nursery Community

But who lives in the centre of the city anyway? Turns out lots of people. Our families are not just the commuter-workers of the City, but the jewellery designers, advertising strategists, fashion designers and independent shop owners of the local community. And having local families and workers means that we can have them over for monthly community events and festivals that show case the nursery and what the children have learnt over the month. See our event page for more details.

Our City Nursery Family

And today it is a bustling family of over 45 families coming in and out throughout the week. We do, after all, offer a flexible provision of five hour sessions in the morning or afternoon or for a full day, every day, all year round so our families pick and choose a routine that best suits their needs. Our children age from 6 months through to confident, courageous and capable five year olds, speaking Mandarin and English from time to time as the case may be, If you’d like to see more, why not check out the videos and book in a visit to see us today!

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Our nurseries regularly host free community events and outreach programmes for local families to come and join the fun to see what the children have been getting up to. From Chinese New Year to Halloween and regular shadow puppetry and mandarin music playgroups, there’s something for everyone. Please see our calendar below for more details or review our event page to make your booking now

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Get in Touch

To make a direct enquiry to the nursery itself, you can always fill out the enquiry form online here. Alternatively you can register for a place in any of the services listed here. Please make sure which service you’re registering for! You can also reach the nursery directly on 020 3912 2900.

You can always reach us on the email, enquiries@hatching-dragons.com  or call us on 020 3912 2900 but if you’d like to receive periodic updates on our events, announcements, availability and educational materials, please just click the sign up button below to starting receiving our monthly newsletters.

Ironmongers Hall, Shaftesbury Place, Off Aldersgate Street, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8AA

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For all fee information and more detail regarding our provision at City please click here for our digital brochure.

Policies & Procedures

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Our Staff

Li Jing Area Manager

Early Years Teacher Trained (UCL Institute of Education )
Paediatric First Aider & First Aider at Work
Primary Designated Safeguarding Officer (level 5) & Health & Safety Officer

Li Jing has been with the group since the beginning, starting off with Cenn in the cafes and clubs of London to provide shadow puppetry play groups and workshops to young mums and dads. Since then, she’s graduated with a Masters in Music, a Level 3 in Childcare and then the highest teaching qualification you can get in the early years from the best educational institute in the world. Not bad. LJ is the Area manager across all three nurseries and takes primary lead responsibility for our City branch with Helen and Jiang.

Helen Zhu
Deputy Manager

MA Early Years Education (Institute of Education) and BA Hons Pre School Education (Zhejiang University, China); Paediatric First Aider; Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer (Level 5)

Having worked as the Pre-school teacher in one of Hangzhou’s most prestigious pre-schools for 3 years post-graduation, Helen and her family emigrated to the UK so she could continue her studies in early years education at the Institute of Education, the top ranked educational institute in the world. After graduating in 2010 she’s worked a variety of educational institutions and joined the Hatching Dragons team as a practitioner in 2015. She became our deputy manager last year.

Jianheng Jiang
Third in Charge

Level 3 Childcare with Level 5 in Management on-going,  Paediatric First Aider,
Safeguarding Level 3 – Designated Officer Grade

Jiang has been with the nursery since it moved to the new premises in London wall in the summer. Joining us from some of Islington’s leading children’s centres, he brings a child-centric focus to his practice and is the lead trainer on the floor with the staff team.