Online Preschool Services Terms & Conditions

1. Context / Preamble

  1. Hatching Dragons offers Online Preschool places to children who do not regularly attend our nurseries.
  2. personHatching Dragons Online Preschool are specially curated programmes of online early years education for families all over the world.

2. Availability

  1. Availability is subject to the availability of online classroom time slots.
  2. Individuals must communicate in advance with the numbers of children to as certain availability at specific time slots by liaising directly with the management team via the email or via Wechat

3. Ages

  1. Hatching Dragons Online Preschool offer education for children aged 3 to 7 year old

4. Booking and Registration

  1. Individuals must complete an online registration form and pay the full fee in advance.

5. Payments

  1. All payments must be made via stripe, alipay(if available).
  2. Cash will not be accepted.

6. Check In

  1. Children require 5mins in advance at the waiting room before lessons start. parents should ensure your children’s names are on Zoom upon entering the waiting room.

7. Required Statutory Documents

  1. Hatching Dragons will submit a letter of invitation on company headed paper to all registered families if required.
  2. Parents are responsible for collating and submitting to Hatching Dragons all statutory documentation if required:
    1. Birth certificate
    2. Full and accurate registration form

8. Included Elements

  1. All courses learning materials, Parent’s Induction Pack

9. Superior Terms

  1. Online attendees and client are bound by the terms and conditions of service for all our clients as defined in the terms and conditions contract signed post registration.
  2. As an Ofsted Registered Early Years provider, we abide by the statutory requirements set out in the EYFS Statutory Framework, the Children’s Act and Childcare Act.
  3. All operational policies and procedures of the underlying nurseries take precedence in regard to the safeguarding of children.
  4. Parents are invited to review the policies and procedures of the individual nurseries in advance and as found on the nurseries’ respective web pages.