Flu Season: How to Boost Your Child’s Understanding of Hygiene

Flu season is upon us. As the nights get shorter and the weather becomes colder, the risk of falling ill increases. On average, a child gets a cold eight times a year, which can last between five to seven days if the symptoms are mild but upwards of two weeks in small children with low […]

11-11-2020 Keep Reading

Tips for Helping Your Child Stay Engaged During Online Lessons

Like many of us, your child may be adapting to the increased use of laptops and technology at home. With the popularity of online lessons growing, we have put together five tips that will help make the transition smoother and help to keep your child’s attention and focus during remote lessons.  1. Create a Comfortable […]

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Fun Online Activities for Children and Grandparents

The role of grandparents can’t be understated. They are a fortitude of advice, comfort and strength. When needed, they are often the helping hands that step-in to give parents a well-needed rest.  The fourth of October is Grandparent’s day in the UK, where we celebrate all that they do for us. However, it is not […]

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Five Ways To Have Fun With Kids While Maintaining Social Distancing Rules

As lockdown restrictions ease and families around the world start to reestablish old routines, there is no doubt the kids will be eager to get back to playing with their friends. However, the world has changed rather dramatically since we first went into lockdown so many months ago. Even though restrictions are being lifted, it’s […]

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How To Tackle The Parenting Challenges of COVID-19

2020 has been a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic threw the whole world into disarray. And to say it made parenting a challenge is an understatement. COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown meant that parents around the world were navigating new territory and trying to find solutions to problems never dealt with before. Today, […]

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Screentime For Kids – Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About It

Children these days are growing up in a digital age where swiping on a smartphone or firing up a computer is second nature. While technology really has become a part of everyday life, there is much criticism surrounding children being overexposed to digital media. Parents are often accused of using technology as a substitute babysitter […]

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Returning To Work After COVID-19? 5 Things Parents Should Consider

Well, 2020 has been quite an eventful year, to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns brought new challenges for families the world over. With the Prime Minister’s announcement encouraging people to return to work as of the 1st of August, parents are faced with the prospect of how to transition back […]

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How To Deal With Separation Anxiety in Infants

There comes a time in every child’s life when they have to deal with the challenge of being away from their parents. For some, this separation can be harder than for others. Leaving your precious child in someone else’s care is never easy, but it can be heartbreaking if your child reacts badly by throwing […]

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The Role of Technology in Your Child’s Education – Myth vs. Fact

There is really no doubt we are living in a digital age where technology is king. While many of us may remember the first time we used a computer or our early experience of the internet, our children are digital natives and, using technology comes very naturally. Technology is not, however, simply a tool to […]

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Setting Digital Boundaries For Kids in the Internet Age

While technology can provide little ones with endless amounts of fun, it is also a hugely important tool when it comes to learning

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