How to Learn Makaton: Tips and Advice for Parents

Communication is an essential skill and an important part of our everyday lives. Being able to effectively communicate allows people to express their wants, needs and thoughts, as well as understand those of others.  How can we communicate with those who struggle with communication though, as a result of disabilities, learning difficulties or simply age? […]

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How to Set Good Rules for Children to Encourage Positive Behaviour

We know that it can be tough to manage your child’s behaviour at times, especially when your child seems determined to do everything except what you are asking of them!  Unwanted behaviour can look like temper tantrums, jealousy, bad manners and unwanted attention, which can feel frustrating and exhausting for parents to handle. Knowing how […]

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Support Children’s Mental Health: Resources for Parents

The 7th of April is World Health Day, when focus is placed on eliminating health inequalities around the globe and people raise awareness for good physical and mental health across society. Covid-19 has highlighted just how pivotal maintaining and supporting your health is, with long periods of isolation and social distancing often taking a toll […]

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Big Topics With Little People | How to Discuss Racism With Kids

As parents and educators, we strive to create a safe and enjoyable environment for our children to grow and learn. We want them to be carefree, happy and able to take each opportunity that is presented to them. We want them to see the world as a good place, and to foster understanding and harmony. […]

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How to Calm Children’s Anxiety

Every child has different levels of confidence, which is only natural! Some children are outgoing and extroverted, and others may be less willing to talk to strangers and try new things. All children though, at one point or another, will face anxiety and worries, just like adults do. Most worries are a normal part of […]

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How to Deal With Child Tantrums: 6 Tips From Experts

We have all been there. The day has started well, with a calm and promising atmosphere; everyone was satisfied with the tasty and healthy breakfast you made, and they are dressed and ready to go. You are packed, with a plan of what you would like to achieve today and then, it happens… The tears […]

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How Long Does Potty Training Take?

Potty training is regarded as a key developmental milestone for young children, which parents often remember and celebrate (usually with a few funny stories to tell and we can certainly think of a few). And rightfully so, as it can be an exciting time to see your little one increase in independence and develop new […]

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Tips for Changing Nursery School

Life is full of change, some of which is exciting and some of which is daunting. We believe changing nursery school can fall firmly into the exciting category, especially with some careful preparation and planning.  Whatever your reasons are for wanting to transfer your child from one nursery to another, whether it is due to […]

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How to Encourage Your Child to Be Confident

Building confidence is a process, which takes time and patience. Some children are naturally very confident, whereas other children may need more support, especially in situations which they find challenging. For example, when faced with change. As humans, we have evolved to love certainty, control and low-risk environments in order to survive and change can […]

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Flu Season: How to Boost Your Child’s Understanding of Hygiene

Flu season is upon us. As the nights get shorter and the weather becomes colder, the risk of falling ill increases. On average, a child gets a cold eight times a year, which can last between five to seven days if the symptoms are mild but upwards of two weeks in small children with low […]

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