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Five Ways To Have Fun With Kids While Maintaining Social Distancing Rules

As lockdown restrictions ease and families around the world start to reestablish old routines, there is no doubt the kids will be eager to get back to playing with their friends. However, the world has changed rather dramatically since we first went into lockdown so many months ago. Even though restrictions are being lifted, it’s […]

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Ideas for Halloween: 5 Fun Activities for Children

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays. It is the perfect excuse for dressing up, eating sweets and being creative! Witches, cats, bats and ghosts adorn everywhere, creating a spooky, yet exciting atmosphere! To help you make the most of this Halloween, we have put together five fun activities to keep you entertained. 1. Pumpkin […]

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Raising a Bilingual Child: 5 Myths & Facts

As any parent raising a bilingual child knows, there are several challenges that arise through using multiple languages in the home. For example, deciding when is an appropriate time to use each language and in what context. However, there are several myths surrounding bilingualism, which we would like to debunk, as many of the problems […]

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Tips for Helping Your Child Stay Engaged During Online Lessons

Like many of us, your child may be adapting to the increased use of laptops and technology at home. With the popularity of online lessons growing, we have put together five tips that will help make the transition smoother and help to keep your child’s attention and focus during remote lessons.  1. Create a Comfortable […]

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