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Bonfire Night Recipes: 15 Child-Friendly Options

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, takes place annually on the 5th of November in the UK to celebrate the unsuccessful attempt of Guy Fawkes in blowing up Parliament in 1605. Now, people commemorate the historical event by lighting fireworks, playing with sparklers and gathering to see large public bonfires. It is a […]

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How to Deal With Child Tantrums: 6 Tips From Experts

We have all been there. The day has started well, with a calm and promising atmosphere; everyone was satisfied with the tasty and healthy breakfast you made, and they are dressed and ready to go. You are packed, with a plan of what you would like to achieve today and then, it happens… The tears […]

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How Long Does Potty Training Take?

Potty training is regarded as a key developmental milestone for young children, which parents often remember and celebrate (usually with a few funny stories to tell and we can certainly think of a few). And rightfully so, as it can be an exciting time to see your little one increase in independence and develop new […]

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Tips for Changing Nursery School

Life is full of change, some of which is exciting and some of which is daunting. We believe changing nursery school can fall firmly into the exciting category, especially with some careful preparation and planning.  Whatever your reasons are for wanting to transfer your child from one nursery to another, whether it is due to […]

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