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How to educate children with two or more languages? Here's everything you need to know

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From the first steps to the terrible twos and reception... we just love seeing our children grow!

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How to Calm Children’s Anxiety

Every child has different levels of confidence, which is only natural! Some children are outgoing and extroverted, and others may be less willing to talk to strangers and try new things. All children though, at one point or another, will face anxiety and worries, just like adults do. Most worries are a normal part of […]

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Olympic Activities for Kids to Enjoy at Home

As we approach the beginning of the Olympics, all eyes are on the top athletes from around the world. With a grand total of 339 events across 33 sports, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a fan of gymnastics, running or rowing, the opportunity to watch the most talented and disciplined […]

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How to Learn Makaton: Tips and Advice for Parents

Communication is an essential skill and an important part of our everyday lives. Being able to effectively communicate allows people to express their wants, needs and thoughts, as well as understand those of others.  How can we communicate with those who struggle with communication though, as a result of disabilities, learning difficulties or simply age? […]

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Free Garden Activities for Kids when the Sun is Shining

From the swing set to planting some seeds, there are hundreds of cheap and free garden activities for kids to do… Summer is well and truly on its way now the weather has warmed up, and the sun has made an appearance for longer than a day! What’s also on the way is half term […]

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