Advanced Fee Discounts

working together to reduce the costs of childcare

If you’re looking at more ways to reduce your childcare fees, why not consider using the Advanced Fee Childcare Discounts? You can use this discount in conjunction with our other discount offers, like the refer a friend childcare discount programme so that you can double your discount. You can also use it with your Early Years Free Entitlement Funding and Tax Free Childcare to maximise childcare discounts further – we’ve had families secure up to 50% off through a combination of our childcare discount packages so get in touch today to find out more!

We offer

  • 2.5% off for 3 months in advance
  • 5% off for 6 months in advance
  • 7.5% off for 9 months in advance
  • 10% off for 12 months in advance

Up to 10% childcare discount on advanced fees

We know that childcare is costly and want to work with our community to reduce costs wherever possible. It’s why we’re a participant on the City of London’s Affordability Scheme and offer a vast array of discount programmes to reduce the impact on the families we serve

If you’re interested in finding out more about our advanced feechildcare discounts, fill out the form and on the team will get back to you shortly

Stacking Childcare Discounts

Many of our discounts and subsidies can be “stacked” or layered i.e taken at the same time to maximise your childcare discount benefits to dramatically reduce your childcare costs payable. So you can pay in advance whilst also securing the Early Years Free Entitlement payments if you’re paying for the Mandarin bilingual immersion model as an extra to the funded hours you receive. You can secure an advanced fee discount and still secure the benefits of the uncapped 5% referral discount that you will receive if you bring your friends to join the nursery. And if you have secured these discounts and have managed to convince your employer to provide you with a Workplace Nursery Scheme as a staff benefit, we will only use the discounted fees for your employer to use as the salary sacrifice to reduce your income tax due. Lots of options for families to reduce the costs of childcare!