After the birth of his son Nai, Cennydd John started to consider all those things that parents spend their nights and days worrying about: what would Nai’s future be like? How could he help? How was he going to juggle work and fatherhood? All the usual questions…

He started his research about local providers, as all parents do, and realised that most nurseries had a lack of depth to the curriculum on offer. Sure, there were some really clean, nice and safe places, but he couldn’t help feeling that he could do all of those things himself at home, and to be fair, he was expecting more for the price he was being asked to pay.

Having lived, studied and worked overseas, he was looking for an education that would reflect the international perspective that was fundamental to him: global in outlook and ethos, and focussed on offering children real opportunities to develop the skills and capabilities that they would need to meet the challenges of the future head on. In doing so, he uncovered the ubiquity of bilingual pre-k immersion programmes across America and Asia, but nowhere near to London.

That was about to change.

Cenn incorporated Hatching Dragons in 2014 and expanded it in 2018, launching a second school in Westminster to meet the burgeoning demand for bilingual education in central London.

Nowadays, Hatching Dragons is at the front of the bilingual education movement. We work with some of the world’s leading education research institutions on the bilingualism implications on child development. Furthermore, we are increasing our partnerships with some of China’s leading schools to train their teachers in bilingual delivery and to host travelling Chinese families who come to the UK explicitly for their children to be educated in the Hatching Dragons method.


Our Ethos

Our thinking is quite simple and aims at answering a single question: how can we prepare our children for the future? The world is changing: faster and in new directions that previously could not have even been contemplated. We believe that the answer is to nurture:

  • - Sense of conviction and purpose in our children;
  • - Self-confidence to communicate and pursue their ideas and beliefs;
  • - Linguistic capabilities that help us understand the people they’ll need to work with;
  • - Cultural compassion that builds the pillars for collaboration and teamwork;
  • - Emotional understanding of both our own feelings and others to aid compromise;
  • - Critical and analytical thinking to overcome challenges together;
  • - Curiosity about the whole world, the people within it, the challenges we all face, and
  • - The creativity required to arrive at the solutions we all need to overcome.

And to achieve this, we are of the opinion that the best time to start in the early years, a time where the values we embed, the skills we entrench and the knowledge we impart will set the foundation for our children to thrive in the future.


What People Say about our Nurseries in London