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Bringing the Community Together

Our Parenting Events

It takes a village to raise a child, or so the saying goes. And at Hatching Dragons we believe that the need for all parents and childcarers to come together has never been more pronounced than now. The fast paced, frenetic work-life balance we all struggle to achieve leaves many of us breathless, without those moments where we can be present, learn, guide and hear each other so that we can be the best we can be.

That’s why Hatching Dragons has curated a parenting events schedule to bring our community together. From cultural festivals and parties for our community on the last Friday of the month, through to Stay and Plays each week; from Open Evenings (with wine and nibbles and talks) through to Paediatric First Aid training for parents. We have something for all.

A new approach to Early Years

We care about all things early years. From quality childcare in our bilingual nurseries in London to online learning and teacher training. We offer a range of services that provide the necessary tools for both children and teachers to learn, develop and grow, using a positive, inclusive and global approach.

We educate for the future

We are working towards creating an inclusive and trustworthy community for everyone, to facilitate understanding, cultural curiosity and appreciation.