At Hatching Dragons, we are a family with a diversity of backgrounds, ideas and life experiences, and we have created a supportive and inclusive environment so that all of our staff, parents and children feel welcome. We love challenges and encourage creativity! Our main goal is to make an impact not only in the Early Years industry but the world.

It all started in 2014

After the birth of his son Nai, Cenn John started to look for an education that would be appropriate for his child, that would reflect a global outlook and ethos, and also focus on offering children real opportunities to develop the skills and capabilities that they would need to meet the challenges of the future. In doing so, he uncovered the ubiquity of bilingual pre-k immersion programmes across America and Asia, but not yet in London.

At Hatching Dragons, our thinking is quite simple and aims to answer a single question: how can we prepare our children for the future?

The world is changing fast and in new directions that previously could not have even been contemplated. We believe in nurturing different academic, cultural and emotional skills to set the foundation for our children to thrive in the future.

The Hatching Dragons Promise

To Our Children

We promise a place to grow, make friends and explore who they are and the world around them, in a safe and engaging environment.

To Our Parents

We offer parents top quality childcare and peace of mind. With years of experience as bilingual nursery providers, we know the exact tools that your child needs to succeed.

To Our Team

We offer our team the opportunity to shape children’s lives and to shape their careers. We have a fantastic work environment and competitive benefits.

Family is at the core of everything we do

  • FAIR

    Respect, courtesy and integrity are essential in all we say and do. We strive to create an inclusive and trustworthy environment for everyone, for the benefit of both colleagues and clients. Furthermore, we continuously strive for open communication, to facilitate understanding and accountability.


    One of our key aims is to help children develop a global mindset and an appreciation for different cultures. We do that through language learning, using two of the most important languages in the world, Mandarin and English, to encourage children’s cultural awareness. We pride ourselves on our diversity and welcome children from all backgrounds.


    We provide a caring, safe and engaging environment for children to grow and learn. We encourage and support team work to foster compassion and understanding amongst our children. At all times, we strive to be kind and considerate members of our community, and to look out for one another.


    We have curious minds. We love to explore the world around us, new ideas and methods of learning. We foster the adventurous spirit of young children, through guided classroom activities and excursions that develop their sense of the world and their understanding and appreciation for nature.


    We believe that no dream is too big and that there is no goal we can’t achieve together. We approach education in creative and multilingual ways, to better prepare children to be engaged members of their communities and the world. In addition, we support our children to develop a strong imagination of their own!


    We like challenges and always aim to be the best we can with a positive attitude! We take pride in being solutions oriented, not problems focussed. We love what we do and we believe we can make a difference in early years. For us, it’s not only about childcare, but also education.

Everyone is welcome

At Hatching Dragons, we believe that every child has the right to be cared for and educated to the highest standard, in order to reach their full potential. We provide a positive and welcoming environment where children are supported according to their individual needs and we work hard to ensure that no children are discriminated against or at a disadvantage.