Hatching Dragons Twickenham Nursery Baby Room Announcement

17 Dec Hatching Dragons Twickenham Nursery Baby Room Announcement

Hatching Dragons Twickenham Nursery Announces Baby Room

Hatching Dragons Twickenham Nursery (Richmond) has announced its intention to launch a new pre-2 Baby room in January 2018, after a period of consultation with Achieving for Children  the Children’s Services Division for Richmond Council, and Ofsted, the national regulatory for Early Years providers.

Baby Room

A little love goes a long way at our Baby Room

With only 6 spaces available for children aged below the age of 2, expectations are for the places to go fast so parents are advised to get in touch and register quickly to ensure that they get a place in our Twickenham Nursery. All of our practitioners at are trained in pre-2 Baby Room practice, as they have been in the Barbican, and have advanced safeguarding training to ensure that your baby’s safety is our utmost priority. Laura Liu, who used to run one of Beijing’s largest Montessori Nursery Schools, is responsible for the Baby and Toddler Room, so you’ll have one of the most senior hands in the nursery overseeing the well being and development of the children.

The Baby Room will sit within the 2-3 yr old Toddler room to ensure that the babies can see and learn from the older children, although the two groups will be separated by fencing. Periods of time for interaction in our “sibling system” will be allowed for to ensure that older children learn to role model and care for the younger children under the close control of the key workers and practitioners of both groups, as is the case in the Barbican, as we’ve found that the children learn best from one another.


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