Holiday Camps & After School Clubs

By Popular Demand….

Playgroup Minimsed for web_0Hatching Dragons also offers children who cannot normally attend our day nursery – children who attend other pre-schools that only have term time schedules or may even be in primary school – the option of coming to join us during their holiday break. It seems unfair that parents, who have to work throughout the year, have the struggle throughout the summer of both organising holidays and then finding activities for the children to do in the day whilst their at work. Very often, it can lead to costly nannies and alternative childcare arrangements which sometimes lead you to wonder why you can’t just have a nursery that functions the whole year round.

Our holiday camps are there to support you.

Depending on the availability of our spaces in the nursery, we offer places to children to join us for short term periods both after school and / or during their holidays so that parents can rest easy that their children are not only having fun, but their learning something really interesting too and picking up a little bit of Chinese in the process!

Key Information:

  • Ages: Our registration applies to children from 6 months up to 8 years old so please call / email us on for more information about whether or not the holiday period or club has children registering of a similar age
  • Fees: £12 / hour for the after school club and £120 for the full day
  • Availability: Purely subject to the spaces we have in our day nursery so please call to enquire
  • Dates: Are flexible depending on your needs and on availability of spaces, so every school holiday and after school during term time.
  • Registration: As per our policies, all families must register and pay the registration fees on our website here. Registrations will get you on our waiting list for available spaces for these periods.
  • Activities: Will fall in line with what our day nursery children will undertake on a day to day and so are subject to change

Please click on the below image for an example schedule of activities from last year…

Holiday Camp Activity Schedule English - v1