Introduction to our Nursery Holiday Camps & After School Clubs

We get lots of nursery enquiries about what we do. Lots. People can’t seem to get enough of the bilingual benefit. But it’s tricky trying to set up nurseries in every corner of London!

Some of you have term only nursery or school provision, which doesn’t quite help when you’re working full time. So if you like the sound of what we do and want your child to do something fun, engaging and educational at the same time when your normal nursery or school has shut for a holiday, you’ll find us open as usual, still delivering the same fun, inspirational and educationally creative activities we always do. It’s a fun, short-term provision to help families in need and to provide them with short term programmes in our bilingual nursery provision but also, hopefully, will showcase the amazing work our teachers deliver and encourage you to argue for greater language immersion at other nurseries.

Key Information:

    • Availability dependent on nursery numbers – please make enquiries at the specific nursery on the nursery pages to enquire about spaces.
    • Age Groups: at manager’s discretion – our license allows us to care for children up to the age of 12 but we’ll focus much more on the Nursery and Reception age children if possible.
    • Prices: dependent on nursery but start from £50 / half day through to £175 for the full day.
  • Deposits of 50% of the full holiday camp booking are required in advance

Get in Touch

To make an enquiry at the various nurseries, please click below to select your desired nursery and access the enquiry form. Please ensure that you specify holiday camp in your enquiry.

Make An Enquiry

Holiday Camp Registration

To register directly for a space to the holiday camp, please click below to select your desired nursery and be sure to specify holiday camp in your registration, along with the days you require. The team will be in touch with availability.

Register For Holiday Camp

Thanks for your interest in what we’re doing – we’d love to keep you up to date about our movements and how our flight plans are coming along.

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