Bilingual Day Nursery London


Our Bilingual Nursery London has been open in the Barbican now for almost a year and are moving towards being quite full! It’s been wonderful to see the level of interest from parents of all walks of life in our bilingual bicultural offer from all quarters of London and we’re looking forward to expand  our operations in the coming months and years to multiple locations throughout the City. If you’re interested in taking up a place with us here in the barbican, please feel free to book in a visit or register. Click the fee schedule for a more comprehensive overview in our brochure

We are the first choice Bilingual Nursery London

Hatching Dragons Google Map

Mcc0065980 picture by Geoff Pugh Hatching Dragons nursery, Viscount Street, London. The countrys' first bi-lingual nursery. It teaches the children English and Mandarin.