Technology in our Barbican Nursery (and outside!)

03 Jul Technology in our Barbican Nursery (and outside!)

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The wonders of technology in Early Years language learning

Technology is a marvellous thing. It’s allowing you to read all about our fantastic bilingual day nursery in Islington from wherever you are in the world, it lets our hard-working Early Years specialists record their observations about our little Hatchlings without spending hours on paperwork and it brought us an internet full of cat videos. What’s not to love?

But apart from all that, there are some fantastic developments that mean families who want their children to grow up ready to play their part in our interconnected world will find the task a bit easier than their predecessors.

Apart from the internet itself, with its myriad of videos and blogs full of helpful tips or personal experience, there are also specially designed apps to help learners of all ages. The preschool market is flooded with them but most are designed with monolingual children in mind.

Our ethos means our nursery features equal exposure to English and Mandarin Chinese, so when we were exploring the options we were a bit more picky than most – we wanted something educational, fun and with a strong element of language learning.

And we found just that in MiaoMiao, which is already proving a hit with our Hatchlings and their parents.

The team behind it were inspired by the old Chinese saying, ‘Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand’ and have created a range of tools featuring cute characters. There’s a TV series, free visual aids and interactive games to play on your tablet computer.

It all uses the same principles that underpin everything we do at Hatching Dragons, with visual cues, repetition and learning through play – so it’s no wonder we love it so.

And the way it’s been designed means that it can be used by parents who are learning Mandarin alongside their children, making it totally accessible to all our families.

It’s clear the team are as passionate as we are about the benefits of a bilingual education, and they have some great ideas that we will be exploring (the water balloons game sounds perfect for this weather!). Watch this space for more updates…

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